Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Episode 14 - A.J. McKenzie

Comedian and TV star A.J. McKenzie pops in to share his pop culture cluelessness and childhood thievery.

Download Episode 14 here

Brought to you by:

Upside down Blizzard
Jennifer Love Hewitt spinning around (at 1:39)

The Steve Wilkos Show
Out of control teens

Boot camp king Raymond Moses
That scene from Entrapment
The Blue Oyster

Paul Reiser in Aliens
Win, Lose or Draw
Celebrity Crush Hat, age 7
Not making the list
Eddie the Eagle
-Your Blizzard is served upside down or it's free.
-Nepotism was the wrong word anyway. It refers to familial favouritism.
-Miss Elizabeth was not murdered; she overdosed.
-That Small Wonder-esque show was Out of This World.

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Anonymous said...

Aug, 2011... listening to back episodes - thanks for entrapment pic!