Monday, January 26, 2009

Episode 47 - Craig Anderson

Sketchy comedian Craig Anderson joins us to talk about the conventions of music videos, sandwiches, and Canadian blokes. We also stuntcast The X-Files.

Download episode 47 here (right-click)

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The predecessor

The 'back

Music video conventions (MuVidCons)
Left to right, top to bottom:
Jeffrey Tambor in the Ghostbusters video
Avril Lavigne in that Treble Charger video
Where'd you go, Dissolvey?
Old cars
Missy Fisheye
Ma$elord Mutha Mutha
Recliner in space
Slo-mo playback thing
Pre-vid story
All-vid story
Vicky Vale, Vicky Vale

Orser and Boitano

Not a gay thing

Boobsuit riot

Graham as the Telus Gecko

Graham's gut (watch the video here)

A Folgers commercial (with Rockapella!)

America Or Burst

The Balki Jesus

Two new Blokes

Canadian Blokes?
Left to right, top to bottom:
That Canadian Guy, Peter Mansbridge, Tie Domi, Mark Messier, Hugh Dillon, Master T, Maestro Fresh Wes, Snow, MadChild, Roch Voisine, Stu Hart, Bret Hart, Don Cherry

George "The Animal" Steele

Our superfan, Darren Aronofsky

X-Files Stuntcast

Corrections: The actor who played J. Jonah Jameson is J.K. Simmons.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Episode 46 - Alicia Tobin

Comedian Alicia Tobin joins us for a gigglefest in which we talk about more extraordinary blokes, we eat Graham Bumpers, and we play that WebMD game. Enough with the Johnny Dakota callbacks.

Download episode 46 here (right-click).

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Viva Rock Vegas


Johnny Dakota

Theory of a Deadman

More wigplay

Dave's overheard



The Dice Man

New blokes

Not blokes


The ceremonial opening

Nope, I think one is named Wendell

-The Melanie Griffith movie was Another Day in Paradise, directed by Larry Clark.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Episode 45 - Toby Hargrave

In our first show of '09, we're joined by comedian Toby Hargrave, with whom we discuss infomercials, snow, Snow, and extraordinary blokes.

Download episode 45 here (right-click)

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Shaq's rap career

Vancouver Mayor Johnny Juice

Male pattern Monk

The Snuggie
The Flavorwave (featuring Darla Haun!!!)

Not the same guy

Matthew Lesko

These guys


Dave Mustaine (I found this pre-photoshopped, a propos of nothing)

Damnocracy (Dave Mustaine, not a member)

Bangkok Dangerous

One Night in Bangkok

The General Lee

12 Inches of Snow

Revolutionary Road

Dick Clark's kissy face

The League of Extraordinary Blokes


Rey My Sterio Jr.

Grampa's new toy

Erica Ehm

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

-Jason Statham was a competitive diver, not a competitive soccer player.