Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Episode 36 - Sam Easton

Comedian and actor Sam Easton stops by to entertain us with stories of Hollywood and the road, and then tons of dirty stuff. We also play a round of Bow Wow or Romeo.

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Dangerous Minds

Kids in America

Decathlon Pentathlon

Most Valuable Primate

Final Destination 3

Perry and Slash

Smell Yo Dick
(gotta click here)

Somali Pirates

Spring Leg Greg

The Village People guy (The Amazing Christopher)

Nick and Mariah

Bow Wow or Romeo (Lil')

Nick Carter's "How I Beat Shaq"

Da Brat

Lil' Kim

Sam's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 14


Nelly's Band-Aid

-The French term for force feeding is "le gavage," not "la gavache." Please enjoy this song by Les Mis' Gavroche (which is French for Gavin Rochedale).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Episode 35 - Mark McGuckin

Road Hockey Rumble's Mark McGuckin joins us to talk Canadian Thanksgiving, West Edmonton Mall, and David Bowie's gritty 70's cop drama. We also stuntcast Night Court.

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Brought to you by:

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer ("scratch my back" at 6:15)

Wednesday Addams

Steve Pool

Stove Top Stuffing



Ziggy Stardust's Life On Mars

The submarines at West Edmonton Mall

RonCon '08: Catch the Fever!

Kingsgate Mall

Cam'ron's Horse and Carriage remix
(gotta click)

Gheorghe Muresan

Sheldon Turnipseed

Night Court: The Movie

Fabulous and Thick(e)

Stuff by Duff

Bald CGI Tyra
Parts Unknown

Paul Hogan

The balding-but-good-at-hiding-it Hulk Hogan


-Dave won the Pillsbury Bake Off, not the Nestle one.
-John Lee Hooker wrote "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer."
-It's the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Episode 34 - Simon King

Comedian Simon King stops in to talk about athletes in commercials and human statues. We also blow the lid off a new segment.

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Brought to you by:

Bruno Gerussi

The Ghostbusters symbol




I had no luck finding the Roberto Alomar, Donovan Bailey, or Refrigerator Perry ads. Lil help?

Human statue on a toilet

A Night Without Armor: Poems


The Fridge G.I. Joe

Snake Eyes

Who's gonna back you up?

Na-na-na-na-na, this is a crappy song

Alternate 1985 Biff

Sizemore or Madsen

"I fell in love with a hooker..."

-Roberto Alomar is Puerto Rican, not Dominican.
-The street in Barcelona is Las Ramblas or La Rambla, not Las Rablas.
-NFL players who have hosted American Gladiators include Larry Csonka, Joe Theismann, Todd Christensen, and Mike Adamle.
-Refrigerator Perry's weapon was a football on a chain, not a sledgehammer.
-It's Lady Jaye, not Lady Jane. I'm sorry.
-Jean-Claude Van Damme's character in Monaco Forever is Gay Karate Man, not The Gay Guy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 33 - Morgan Brayton

Actor and comedian Morgan Brayton stops by to talk donkey basketball, bad movies, and what it would probably be like to live on a ranch.

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Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for the Next Elle Woods

Dunston Checks In

Hip hop Steve Martin

George Peppard

Deuce Bigalow

Martini Art


Sarah Chalke
The Room

The bad guy from Kindergarten Cop


Stick It

Gaylord, Conner, Vidmar

That girl from the Clovers

Wow, what a difference

Donkey basketball

ITT Tech


The Silk

CeCe Peniston


Morgan's hair, age 15

Morgan's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 15

The holy trinity of Canadian film

Blayne from Project Runway

Scientist, Mayim Bialik

-I'll accept "imbibe," but it's meant for liquids.