Sunday, October 19, 2008

Episode 34 - Simon King

Comedian Simon King stops in to talk about athletes in commercials and human statues. We also blow the lid off a new segment.

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The Ghostbusters symbol




I had no luck finding the Roberto Alomar, Donovan Bailey, or Refrigerator Perry ads. Lil help?

Human statue on a toilet

A Night Without Armor: Poems


The Fridge G.I. Joe

Snake Eyes

Who's gonna back you up?

Na-na-na-na-na, this is a crappy song

Alternate 1985 Biff

Sizemore or Madsen

"I fell in love with a hooker..."

-Roberto Alomar is Puerto Rican, not Dominican.
-The street in Barcelona is Las Ramblas or La Rambla, not Las Rablas.
-NFL players who have hosted American Gladiators include Larry Csonka, Joe Theismann, Todd Christensen, and Mike Adamle.
-Refrigerator Perry's weapon was a football on a chain, not a sledgehammer.
-It's Lady Jaye, not Lady Jane. I'm sorry.
-Jean-Claude Van Damme's character in Monaco Forever is Gay Karate Man, not The Gay Guy.


MMD said...

Shania Twin is usually playing almost constantly at the shifty newfie bar in Brampton. The sign board that advertise her appearance is pretty sad. "Shania Twin, Karaoke and $5 pitchers".

Sassy Fontaine said...

on the topic of street "art" statues - one of my all time faves was a man who dressed as Dracula on Las Ramblas in Barcelona (saw him on another trip, without Dave). He had a sweet set up where he just laid in his coffin all day. Later, his mom would come by & bring his lunch and/or dinner. they'd sit on tiny stools next to the coffin, he in his cape and she in her housedress, and they'd catch up on some quality time. too adorable.

Jeremy. said...

I think you should do a special episode just about how awesome Purple Roundy is.

Beth said...

I just wanted to let it be known that I have been working my way back through the podcast episodes for the sole purpose of finding out why it is necessary to clarify that Abby is her own person. And today, my friends, I finally found the answer. It's been a good day.

Anthony said...

That Purple Roundy illustration is fantastic. Is there a way the bumper could link to a higher resolution version of it?

Another great episode

dave said...

The Purple Roundy picture is amazing, but a higher resolution version? You're just being greedy.