Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Episode 36 - Sam Easton

Comedian and actor Sam Easton stops by to entertain us with stories of Hollywood and the road, and then tons of dirty stuff. We also play a round of Bow Wow or Romeo.

Download episode 36 here. (right-click)

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Smell Yo Dick
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Somali Pirates

Spring Leg Greg

The Village People guy (The Amazing Christopher)

Nick and Mariah

Bow Wow or Romeo (Lil')

Nick Carter's "How I Beat Shaq"

Da Brat

Lil' Kim

Sam's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 14


Nelly's Band-Aid

-The French term for force feeding is "le gavage," not "la gavache." Please enjoy this song by Les Mis' Gavroche (which is French for Gavin Rochedale).


Olliver said...

Sam Easton was good times. Then he went blue and kinda racist which was a bit awkward. But he was still good times.

He can't do the lollipop thing, though. That's already been done.

Shelouise said...
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Shelouise said...

I had the effing misfortune of living in Whistler with these jag offs of whom you speak in the "Whiskey" videos. I knew them all personally and hope they have evolved from sado-masochism and date rape drugs and have something positive to give back to their communities now. I stopped snowboarding in Whistler because of them. MOST of them were pretty decent whose name rhymes with "Lawn Burns" has to be one of the biggest creeps I´ve ever known. I still shudder thinking about the crap that came out of his mouth.

joshtastic said...


I'm guessing what olliver means by "kinda racist" is "kinda being hilarious, telling deadly stories and not being racist at all."

And I've partied with Lawn Burns. That guy is awesome!

What gets club soda out? said...

This episode is funny, and longer than usual, I enjoyed it an awful lot. Well done guys.

Olliver said...

I only just now noticed Grandpa in the feed logo.

Shelouise said...

Why didn´t you notice grampa before Olliver? Is it because he´s black? Huh? Huh? The racist tables have turned. ha ha.

Olliver said...

Hey, I voted for Barack Obama. That means you can't call be racist ever, never, ever again.

Actually, I just never saw him there. I guess I spent too much time trying to imagine Graham and Dave's voices coming out of their faces.

Shelouise said...

So by that logic, as long as you are nice to one woman you can never be called sexist either! Sweet deal. But if you voted for Bush you will always be an idiot.
btw, I am taking the piss if you hadn´t already deduced that. As long as you are nice to Dave and Graham you´re off my shit list.

Anonymous said...

Don't the french force feed their ducks and geese for foie gras?

I thought Sam was going to say how he had he wanted Ashley to have a delicious, fatty liver but then he got cut off for some reason...

An interesting tidbit: Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks) played Nick Cannon's mom in the music video "Can I Live?"

That's going full circle, baby.

Sara said...

This was a little spooky when Dave lamented never having witnessed a shooting...