Saturday, October 25, 2008

Episode 35 - Mark McGuckin

Road Hockey Rumble's Mark McGuckin joins us to talk Canadian Thanksgiving, West Edmonton Mall, and David Bowie's gritty 70's cop drama. We also stuntcast Night Court.

Download episode 35 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer ("scratch my back" at 6:15)

Wednesday Addams

Steve Pool

Stove Top Stuffing



Ziggy Stardust's Life On Mars

The submarines at West Edmonton Mall

RonCon '08: Catch the Fever!

Kingsgate Mall

Cam'ron's Horse and Carriage remix
(gotta click)

Gheorghe Muresan

Sheldon Turnipseed

Night Court: The Movie

Fabulous and Thick(e)

Stuff by Duff

Bald CGI Tyra
Parts Unknown

Paul Hogan

The balding-but-good-at-hiding-it Hulk Hogan


-Dave won the Pillsbury Bake Off, not the Nestle one.
-John Lee Hooker wrote "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer."
-It's the Main Street Electrical Parade.


Olliver said...

I commend the use of the word "pop" instead of "soda".

I am from America (currently a red state). We've been known to have a good number of Bloods around here. Which brings me to my next point...

Yes, you will probably be murdered, but only because you said red is Crip colors, but red is actually the Bloods (get it? cause it's red). Crips are blue.

I instantly thought of John Slattery when you started to cast Dan. And when you said "Who's that guy from..." I instantly started thinking "He's gonna say Mad Men". And then you did, and he was.

And I haven't posted in a couple weeks because I am not a stalker. Or at least, not a very consistent one.

joshtastic said...

Can you post that Joker kid photo? "Why so employable?"

Eric Moody said...

Where can we find Graham's tour dates?

A couple of suggestions for the stunt casting: Niecy Nash from Reno 911 would be perfect for Marsha Warfield and Charles Barkley as Bull.

Also, the picture of Cloris Leachman is hilarious.

Eric Moody said...

Americans are confrontational? I'll give you confrontational, you Molson-swilling hosers.

bostizzle said...

Dave, you didn't get near enough props for the McGucken for Turducken comment. Would make a great campaign slogan if Turducken were a political office.

Also, your story of the guy who 'stomped out' a rabbit made me think of the story this past weekend of my wife catching and killing a mouse we've had in our ktichen with her bare hands (she wore an oven mitt actually).

She literally dove across the floor to catch it and then I'm pretty sure she squeezed it to death while screaming and jumping around asking me what to do with it (I mostly cowered) before spiking it like a football in the back alley.

joshtastic said...

I second "McGucken for Turducken."

Graham and Dave said...

Why is the Stovetop ad so anti-potato?

dave said...

Yeah, why always INSTEAD of potatoes? I like both.

Olliver said...

Also, who decided that those were going to be the two things? Like salt & pepper or cats & dogs.

Why not "stuffing or okra"? Or "potatoes or sauerkraut"?

In fact, I've got an issue with this whole damn meal!

Anonymous said...

I believe the competing stuffing-potato dilemma has deep historical origins. The potato was a staple of the Irish diet and when stuffing was introduced in England, the insecure Irish referred to it as the gay mans potato. I believe Massachussettes men took that torch over to North America and the stuffing-potato war has raged on ever since

Anonymous said...

Is that why stuffing-eaters are allowed to get married in Massachusetts?

Shelouise said...

Am I the only one who is grossed-out by turducken and not just because it starts with TURD....guess it ends with turd too.

Anonymous said...

This week's 30 Rock seemed entirely inspired by this Stuntcasting.

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