Sunday, October 12, 2008

Episode 33 - Morgan Brayton

Actor and comedian Morgan Brayton stops by to talk donkey basketball, bad movies, and what it would probably be like to live on a ranch.

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Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for the Next Elle Woods

Dunston Checks In

Hip hop Steve Martin

George Peppard

Deuce Bigalow

Martini Art


Sarah Chalke
The Room

The bad guy from Kindergarten Cop


Stick It

Gaylord, Conner, Vidmar

That girl from the Clovers

Wow, what a difference

Donkey basketball

ITT Tech


The Silk

CeCe Peniston


Morgan's hair, age 15

Morgan's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 15

The holy trinity of Canadian film

Blayne from Project Runway

Scientist, Mayim Bialik

-I'll accept "imbibe," but it's meant for liquids.


GloriousKyle said...

In a pretty odd coincidence, I myself was house-sitting this weekend- where I watched I Am Legend on cable knowing full well that dog was going to die based on the trailer.

-Turns out the dog is a pretty good actor.

Brandon Leedy said...

Michael Godard is that Martini Art Guy (yeah, it says so on your picture). Anyways, he CALLS HIMSELF the "rockstar of the art world" ( Seriously, the guy looks like Bret Michaels' brother. But I think he paints to pay for his daughter's medical treatments so I guess he's allowed to look like Bret Michaels and call himself a rockstar. We have a gallery of his in Cincinnati and I am surprised it's still open. I'm an Industrial Design student, so I should recognize he has talent, but he's such a gimmick. UN-Authentic I say!

Anthony said...

It is so weird that you mentioned the movie Rad during your podcast because just this weekend the movie came to mind so I decided to IMDB it and see if any cast members weren't rock bottom. Anyway, the summary on IMDB is awesome, "It's going to take a lot more than skill for Cru Jones to conquer the toughest BMX challenge in the world. It's going to take a miracle"

The movie Stick It is hilariously crappy and I can't wait to watch The Room.

Another great podcast.

PS - Its not called gym-nice-stics.

dave said...

Well, now I feel bad about making fun of Godard. I'm going to buy eight paintings.

And about The Room, Graham really nailed it with that bad-guy-from-Kindergarten-Cop observashe.

MMD said...

Hey there are plenty of shitty movies out there. Try: Never too young to Die. Plot John Stamos (billed as the new action hero) is trying to find this tranny that killed his father (tranny played by Gene Simmons). Meanwhile the tranny is trying to poison the water supply.

The Laugh Gallery said...

I have a copy of Never Too Young To Die. I enjoyed when Simmons tried to kiss Stamos while he's hanging off the dam.

Anonymous said...

The Room is seriously the funniest movie is all time. I can lend you the DVD if You Need. Also check out Tommy Wiseau in his new sitcom at

Emmett said...

Along those same lines as Mayim Bialik...another famous entertainer who moved onto science: Jeff "The Skunk" Baxter.
Once a Steely Dan/Doobie Bros. guitarist. (He also wrote the theme to King of the Hill)
Nownce a self taught Missle Defence Consultant.
Oh and I have a recent Overheard from the TV. That counts?
A guy in California being evacuated because of the current brush fires made the analogy of the inferno "Just came over the ridge like a mad-man."
It gets funny as you process it.
Keep up the good work, fellas.

joanna said...

morgan's hair is so awesome in that photo that i want to cry.

this is in my top 5 of episodes. i loved every second.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the room, a friend saw it in theatre:

'I saw a screening of this film, People get up and throw spoons, footballs etc at the screen '

I didn't ask for an explanation.

bigmark said...

Am I the only one who is concerned about Olliver? It's been almost a week and he still hasn't commented on this episode. Is there any way someone could check on him?

Yes, Blayne works as a barista at a coffee house here in West Seattle. I can take you next time you're in town. Or not.

CeCe Peniston...always funny!

The Laugh Gallery said...

I am worried about Olliver.
Is it something we said?