Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Episode 24 - Sean Lecomber

A bona fide summer episode. From Edmonton, comedian Sean Lecomber stops by to school us on Slurpees, waterslides, and the two Coreys.

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Corey Feldman's singing career. Click here to see the video (it's a .rm file)

Corey Haim's lifestyle

The Blue Bullet, et al.
Dennis The Menace at DQ
The Snoopy Sno-Cone machine
Racist Euro Comics
By the way, when we were talking about Guy Earle, this is who he is.

Anarchist AlePeachfest
"breathe" or "breath?"

Kelly McGillis LeBrock

The Vanessa Angel series


-National Lampoon's Last Resort, indeed.
-Graham was either thinking of the Rodney Dangerfield movie "Easy Money" or "Rover Dangerfield."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Episode 23 - Paul Bae

Comedian and sketch performer Paul Bae joins us to discuss blue collar food, Blue Collar TV, and blue collar Tim McGraw. We also write a new Hockey Night in Canada theme.

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The Ace of Cakes
George Washington Carver
Corn-based nuts?
Paul's Spammy thing
Blue Collar TV
Tim McGraw/Faith Hill regulating

Salon Champagne
Hockey Night in Canada
Canada's Olympic uniforms
The Vancouver Voodoo
#22, Daniel Sedin
Paul's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 26
Bjork going nuts

Marlee Matlin and William Hurt
Spencer and Heidi
The greatest picture of Paul Anthony

-Gaston Gingras isn't black. Dave was thinking of Claude Vilgrain.-Also, Dave almost said Tony McKegney.
-Oh, and a Vietnamese wedding isn't a Chinese wedding. Makes enough sense.

"We're Talkin' Hockey Night in Canada"

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Episode 22 - Seth Perry

Comedian Seth Perry joins the boys to talk sex education, teen pregnancy, and play a round of Burt or Ryan... Reynolds.

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Utility balls
Jai Alai
Lawn Bowling
Badminton lady
Wii hula girl

She's All That
Spike, then and now
Sex ed.
Mo Rocca's haircut
"We're gonna need more guys!"
Graham's Overheard (at around 15:40)

Burt or Ryan
Grizzly Man vs. Project Grizzly
Time Well Wasted
Guitar Hero keyboard
Chapeaux chinois
Celebrity Crush Hat, age 8
Jenny Lewis, then and now
The Power Glove
Batdance (for some reason, this is the only Batdance on Youtube that has audio)

The Killjoys

-Danica McKellar is of Scottish and Portuguese descent.
-Upon reflection, the Killjoys would not make Dave's top 5 Canadian powerpop bands list. The Bloody Chicletts wouldn't make the top 20.

Episode 21 - Lauren Martin

Actress and comedian Lauren Martin joins us to talk about Flava Flav's new show, sex movies, and Full House stuntcasting. Meanwhile, Dave uses the phrase "on the nose" "way too often."

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Sue Johanson
North of 60
Australia: world's #1 exporter of super-gay movies
The Family Circle
John Ratzenberger, P.I. (Pizza Investigator)
This variation
The worst protesters in the world
Pig in the city
Flavor Flav acting
Sex movies
Celebrity Crush Hat, age 15
Stuntcasting Full House

-It's definitely Family Circus. I don't even get what that was about.
-Graham never mentioned no spider.
-Gina Gershon isn't dead.
-The Flavor Flav sitcom is called Under One Roof. Check local listings.

Stream here.