Saturday, July 5, 2008

Episode 23 - Paul Bae

Comedian and sketch performer Paul Bae joins us to discuss blue collar food, Blue Collar TV, and blue collar Tim McGraw. We also write a new Hockey Night in Canada theme.

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Brought to you by:

The Ace of Cakes
George Washington Carver
Corn-based nuts?
Paul's Spammy thing
Blue Collar TV
Tim McGraw/Faith Hill regulating

Salon Champagne
Hockey Night in Canada
Canada's Olympic uniforms
The Vancouver Voodoo
#22, Daniel Sedin
Paul's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 26
Bjork going nuts

Marlee Matlin and William Hurt
Spencer and Heidi
The greatest picture of Paul Anthony

-Gaston Gingras isn't black. Dave was thinking of Claude Vilgrain.-Also, Dave almost said Tony McKegney.
-Oh, and a Vietnamese wedding isn't a Chinese wedding. Makes enough sense.

"We're Talkin' Hockey Night in Canada"

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Olliver said...

Ace of cakes? WRONG. Ace of lazy. Fondant does not a good cake make.

Saying someone that makes fondant-covered cake is the Ace of cakes is like saying someone that covers a Mazda in Play-Doh is the Ace of race cars.

Also, fondant is supposed to be pretty gross and their actual cakes are probably dry (it's easy to assume, as they spend so much time playing with 'clay' that they probably have no time to bake an actual decent cake).

Olliver said...

Also, people DO carve actual cake into shapes. I've seen basketballs, sports cars, and more. That's REAL cake acery. A rooster would totally be possible by a skilled cake carver.

dave said...

olliver, stop being such a playa hata. We're overlooking the most important thing, and I know I'm the one who brought it up, but nobody wants a rooster cake.

Olliver said...

What about Matt McConaughey's brother?

Anonymous said...

Corn Nuts are actual kernels of corn ( a large kernel variety). Soaked in liquid to grow in size, and then deep fried to a "nutty crunchy goodness" No nuts are used in the production of Corn Nuts, but they may be manufactured on equipment that also processes nuts so don't risk it allergic-man. Cheers, Jon.

Jon said...

Ace of Cakes is the shizniz.