Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Episode 19 - Gerald Varga

We go dark-ish with comedian Gerald Varga, and talk about polka and bachelor food.

Download episode 19 here (right click)

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Prince Albert in a can
The early 90's Suzuki Swift
The South Beach Diet
Hungry-Man dinners
Gerald Gerald Geraldson and John Lithgow
The biggest rivalry in modern polka
Euro 1988 2008
Kid Icarus
Inappropriate t-shirts
Imagination Future Crush Hat, age 35
-Graham was apparently talking about the movie Funny Games at one point.


eebee said...
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eebee said...

Re: inappropriate t-shirts... I have two to mention:

One I saw years ago here in Halifax. I was riding on the bus when this extremely corpulent woman got on. She seemed barely able to move her own ponderous bulk up the bus steps. It was a really hot day and she was sweating profusely and breathing audibly even from six rows away. There was more chin hair than I care to describe here, and there were huge sweat stains under her arms and down her back. She was wearing an old and faded pink t-shirt with cracked and crumbling screen-printed white letters (the font was Cooper Swash Italics, by the way.. look it up, it's THE font of the tacky 80's t-shirt), which read "Hot 'n' Horny". But actually it read "Hot 'n' Hornv" because the bottom of the letter "y" disappeared under her huge sweaty melons. I still shudder at the mental image.

More recently I was in Japan where teenagers seem to love wearing t-shirts with seemingly random English words on them. Many of them were hilarious, but the one that really stood out for me read"FUCK