Friday, July 4, 2008

Episode 21 - Lauren Martin

Actress and comedian Lauren Martin joins us to talk about Flava Flav's new show, sex movies, and Full House stuntcasting. Meanwhile, Dave uses the phrase "on the nose" "way too often."

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Sue Johanson
North of 60
Australia: world's #1 exporter of super-gay movies
The Family Circle
John Ratzenberger, P.I. (Pizza Investigator)
This variation
The worst protesters in the world
Pig in the city
Flavor Flav acting
Sex movies
Celebrity Crush Hat, age 15
Stuntcasting Full House

-It's definitely Family Circus. I don't even get what that was about.
-Graham never mentioned no spider.
-Gina Gershon isn't dead.
-The Flavor Flav sitcom is called Under One Roof. Check local listings.

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Abby said...

according to wikipedia, the Simpsons are credited with inventing stunt casting. who knew!

Olliver said...

I was wondering why one of you said "late, great" when referring to Gina Gershon.

Geez, Dave. You just can't keep yourselves from killing celebrities, can you?

Well, this week Mike Schmidt couldn't remember if Cary Grant was dead or not, so I guess it evens out.

dave said...

If you ask me, she died the moment Elizabeth Berkley pushed her down the stairs in Showgirls.

Olliver said...

Just stay away from Alicia Witt. I'd like her to stay alive for a while; she's pretty.

Feel free to rummage through reality TV, though (Iliza Shlesinger excluded, see above).

dave said...

Nobody's killing nobody. You're reading me all wrong.

aaronrussin said...

i found you through maximumfun, and now i am never going to fucking let you go.

dave said...

Awesome, thanks. It's mutual.

bigmark said...

I think Jerry O'Connell would be good for Uncle Jessie. After all, he's replaced Stamos before...

I'm so far behind on my podcast listenin'.

eebee said...

Family CIRCUS in in a CIRCLE as a reference to the rings, as in three ring circus. Or so I suspect.

Ronnie said...

I can't believe I'm actually leaving this comment, but it was originally called the Family Circle, until Family Circle magazine sued Family Circle the comic strip (comic circle?) and they had to change the name to Family Circus.

The Laugh Gallery said...

AH HA! Sweet sweet vindication!!!
Bless you ronnie, you have lit a match of wisdom which will light the fires of justice in the fireplace of humanity in the family room of due process. Bless you indeed, it must have been hard to summon the bravery to come public with this information.