Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Episode 18 - Phil Hanley

Comedian and screenwriter Phil Hanley joins us to discuss screenwriting books, more wrestling, and Lisa Bonet.

Download episode 18 here (right click)

Brought to you by:

Pig in Dungarees
The Oshawa Generals
War re-enacting
The Gassy Jack statue
The Al Waxman statue (seriously)
Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Oliver's "Fish Stew" song. Click here to hear it.
The brood
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
The oft-reference Tootsie
Our city and nature documentary
Taxi stunt casting
Honky Tonkman
...and Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine
Freedom Williams, then and now
A huskier Iggy Pop
The Shumka Dancers (in pog form)
Now I know why you wanna hate me...

Celebrity Crush Hat, age 23
Nikki Cox, then and now
-Al Waxman died in 2001.
-Iben Hjejle played John Cusack's girlfriend in High Fidelity. She is indeed Danish.
-The pub Phil and Graham were at was the Atlantic Trap & Gill. Thanks Dylan.

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