Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Episode 17 - Olivia Mowatt

Journalist Olivia Mowatt checks in to school us in broadcast standards and Dave watches kids lap dancing.

Download episode 17 here (right click)

Brought to you by:

The Canadian Boobs and Swears Commission
The Justice Pals Podcast
...but don't take my word for it
John Mayer's package
King of the Hood
Manpower Australia
Bonhomme Carnaval
Grampa dressed as Kanye West
A rich man's Andie MacDowell? You decide.
DQ's Waffle Sundae thing
Celebrity Crush Hat, age 12
The Boy Meets World opening

Porno Family Matters girl
Apricot beerCorrections:
-Rider Strong's character was named Shawn Hunter.


R.S. Russe said...

Hey Dave, good shit. As usual.

I started a blog and I linked you guys. I hope that's cool. Expect to get flooded by 3 to 5 new listeners!


dave said...

Thanks Ronnie. We have been totally flooded. Totally.

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