Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Episode 16 - Alicia Tobin

Comedian Alicia Tobin steps in to talk blockbuster movies, diagnose Dave's agoraphobia, and play a round of Biel or Alba.

Download episode 16 here (right click)

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Not the same guy
Flesh Gordon
Animals remembering the species that raised them

Bring It On
Jersey and the fishmonger
Criss Angel

Dramatic internet chipmunk

Indiana Jones spoilers
The Sex and the City prequel
Semisonic's "Closing Time"

The note in Dave's neighbourhood
Month knuckles
The wide spectrum in our Celebrity Crush Hat, age 26
"Get off my plane!"
Unconfirmed original Maxim hot list hero.
Biel or Alba

-A fishmonger is anyone who sells fish; a fishwife is a woman who sells fish, or a woman regarded as coarse and shrewishly abusive.
-Dave was thinking of Papa Murphy's Take and Bake, not Papa John's.
-American Graffiti came out in 1973, not 1976.


Shelouise said...


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I like the last image I think that both actresses are beautiful because Biel is wild and Alba is like a kind woman but both of them are so beautiful.

GabeLikesStuff said...

And of course the SaTC prequel did happen...