Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Episode 15 - Paul Anthony

Comedy renaissance man Paul Anthony joins the boys to talk public access TV and dip into the Celebrity Crush Hat. Also, Ottawa correspondent Brad MacNeil calls in with some corrections.

Download episode 15 here (right click)

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Mint julep, the blugrass mojito
The Exploding Sandwich
Jeremy Piven's hairline
The Arye Gross era
Shocore's "Bonecracker"

Los Bon Jovis
Degrassi's best line

The Rockers
Canadian Idol, Kalan Porter
Rourke or Rooney
Tupac and Tony Danza

Celebrity Crush Hat, age 6
-In the Seinfeld show within a show, the Kramer character (Tom Pepper) stole the raisins.
-Jeremy Piven's character on the Seinfeld show within a show was Michael Barth, not Jeremy Barth.


Shelouise said...

I demand 2 episodes a week!

Graham and Dave said...

But then you'd have none all summer. No, your demands won't do.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Brad MacNeil that used to work at Boulevard Media?

dave said...

It's probably the same one, yes.

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Anonymous said...

I think Dave should have sung "Rooney or Rourke-y".