Saturday, March 28, 2009

Episode 56 - Ryan Beil

Improviser Ryan Beil joins us for a laugh-fest fueled by Elvis, Smashmouth, and Expo Ernie.

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Bosomed Buddies

The late (!) Bobby Fischer

Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka

Brain Age



The new Horatio Sanz

Maestro Fresh Wes

Barney Bentall

The More You Know

Stay Away From James

Musique Plus

Steven Tyler

Soul Man

Grace Under Fire

Jerry Van Dyke and Dauber (and CTN)

I'd see this

Back To School

Our Kennedys

Way Off Main

Expo Ernie (the short one)

Oregon Trail

Sonic Boom


Short Circuit 2

Say, Say, Say

-It stands for Allen & Wright.
-The big Sugar Ray album was called "Floored."
-Viper was the name of the guitarist in Jesse's other band, Hot Daddy And The Monkey Puppets. Enjoy.

-The song in Caddyshack is Journey's "Any Way You Want It."
-Ehren Salazar didn't paint the outside paintings at Nat Bailey, but he's featured in a display case inside. Here's one of his paintings.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 55 - Guy MacPherson

Comedy beat reporter Guy MacPherson joins us to discuss why he is incapable of laughter, Jack Johnson, and French fries.

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Not the same movie

Fudge Cops

Geoff Courtnall


Iago (the bird)
CTV's Whistler

Foster Brooks

Foster Grant

The Golden Plates

Anger Management

Statham was in this?

David Brenner

Look at my wingspan!

-The CW stands for CBS and Warner
-Henry Higgins, not Howard Hughes

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Episode 54 - Adam Pateman

Comedian Adam Pateman joins us to talk Africa, haircuts, and pitch a reality show.

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Connors and Borg

Bless the rains


Feed the world

Patch Adams


Patch Adams

Taste cousins

The Bullock twins


Thoman Pynchon

Wet Wizard Books

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Episode 53

We are once again guestless as we talk Watchmen, Jessica Alba, and we debut a new segment called Don't Get Me Started.

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Roam, if you want to

The Farce




Fur is murder

Pop-Up Video (also, remember this video? Me too!)

Matt Frewer

Movie star, Marc Docherty


Actress, Jessica Alba

Dead-Eyed Tom Hanks




The Scarf Brothers


Graham defending The Watchmen



Baldo McJowls, or whatever

Remorseful McGee

Correction: Kathy Najimy was in Hocus Pocus, not Practical Magic. She was also in Hope Floats. Well, how do you like that?