Saturday, March 14, 2009

Episode 54 - Adam Pateman

Comedian Adam Pateman joins us to talk Africa, haircuts, and pitch a reality show.

Download episode 54 here. (right-click)

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Anonymous said...

i haven't listened yet but you can't make pynchon a bloke writer because who in our town of blokes would read any of his work? please take him off, thanks

Wendell said...

I loved Dave saying "turd burglary"

Chuck Palahniuk's name is pronounced "paula-nick". He is also gay. The first gay bloke?

Anthony said...

"Build Me A Boat" needs to be made asap. I think Adam has shown that Reality Show Pitch may still have some legs. I am still cracking up thinking of the possibilities of that show.

Kyle said...

As an American listener, there's usually a small number of references that are beyond me- but ironically enough I was with the Dogon village talk 100%. I've never been to Mali myself, but I do happen to work at an African art gallery and I've been exposed to some spectacular examples of their work.

Also, the Bloke timer was an improvement- the segment can drag on, but I enjoy the challenge/debate of finding Blokes in unlikely places.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could do Road to Rockband again? Even if it's just to tell us you haven't played it in months I just want to hear the song again!

Anonymous said...

you could always just listen to an old episode if you want to hear the song. i mean come on, get real! it's the 90's.

GPJaxies said...

Tom Robbins should be a blokesmith. Alan Moore should not. Lost Girls isn't just porny, it's weird. There's a lot of childhood/incestuous sex in it. It's deeply unsettling, I couldn't make it through the first volume.

The Don't Get Me Started theme song is amazing, by the way. I'm not all the way through it to see if it returns, but do that segment as much as possible.

J-Bos! said...

I wanted to ask Adam if the African culinary equivalent of chicken fingers was camel toes. Hi-yooo!

hcg said...

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