Saturday, March 7, 2009

Episode 53

We are once again guestless as we talk Watchmen, Jessica Alba, and we debut a new segment called Don't Get Me Started.

Download episode 53 here. (right-click)

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Roam, if you want to

The Farce




Fur is murder

Pop-Up Video (also, remember this video? Me too!)

Matt Frewer

Movie star, Marc Docherty


Actress, Jessica Alba

Dead-Eyed Tom Hanks




The Scarf Brothers


Graham defending The Watchmen



Baldo McJowls, or whatever

Remorseful McGee

Correction: Kathy Najimy was in Hocus Pocus, not Practical Magic. She was also in Hope Floats. Well, how do you like that?


Olliver said...

So Abby's her own person, but not her own ears? I like Abby, stop stealing her overheards, Dave, you fink.

What's next, are you gonna claim to chew a rawhide bone into a letter?

To the upstanding citizen: I hope your grandma feels better, Graham.

Tommy said...

Holiday world is a real place. It used to be called Santa Clause Land, but I expect they changed the name to lure in the Jews.

Karen said...

I had no idea who Chris Brown was before listening to your show. After spending time at Google University, I now do. I'm just sickened that other *celebrities* aren't speaking out against him. (well Oprah is) Would comparing him to OJ be hyperbole?

Graham, best wishes for your grandma. Hope she feels well soon.

Dharma Mayonnaise said...

My totally baseless guess on why black celebrities are supporting Chris Brown is that, traditionally, black males have been especially vilified in the media, often before the facts are in. On top of that, while the vilification may be warranted, it's often to a greater degree than what would be directed at a white male in a similar situation.

Having said that, my guess is that it is an automatic reflex to defend him. Or they just feel like being in the same fraternity and knowing how things can get twisted in the media, they defend by default.

Or they hate Rhianna.

ageekinkorea said...

My dog is now famous! Thanks, Stop Podcasting Yourself.

Anonymous said...

I was walking by City tv today at lunch, looking in the window and hoping to catch a glance of the star of The CityNews List and host of Stop Podcasting Yourself 'Graham Clark' and who did I get a brief stink eye through the window from? None other than star of City's TV's the list and host of Stop Podcasting Yourself 'Graham Clark'.

But little did Graham Clark know that the man he gave that skink eye to was Hilarious pranks contributer Christian Slater Fan.

Anonymous said...

Having read that, my guess is that they only persecuted Mike Tyson because he was a (black) man. Who raped a (black) woman.

Or he was guilty.


Beth said...

hey stunt casting fans - just checked out a site with a weekly photoshop challenge. This week, recasting classic movies. It's pretty good though I am concerned that Graham and Dave should be getting royalties on the free site.

hcg said...

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