Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 55 - Guy MacPherson

Comedy beat reporter Guy MacPherson joins us to discuss why he is incapable of laughter, Jack Johnson, and French fries.

Download episode 55 here. (right-click)

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Not the same movie

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Iago (the bird)
CTV's Whistler

Foster Brooks

Foster Grant

The Golden Plates

Anger Management

Statham was in this?

David Brenner

Look at my wingspan!

-The CW stands for CBS and Warner
-Henry Higgins, not Howard Hughes


Olliver said...

I am having a serious giggle fit right now listening to you guys talk about washing towels. And you're so confused. It's...the dumbest conversation ever. Ooooh god, I love it.

Olliver said...

Oh, and here's an office-based 'prank' I've pulled a couple times in school (assuming you work with windows machines).

1) Take a screencap of the desktop.

2) Take that screen cap and set it as the desktop wallpaper.

3) Hide the taskbar and icons.

The desktop should appear normal, but the icons, start button, and any other normal features will be rendered unclickable. That's because it's not really the's the wallpaper!

Anonymous said...

Olliver - you don't know what you've just done. Look out, EVERYONE!

Ralph Marshall said...

So, one minute you give somebody grief about saying "First-class accomo" and then maybe a minute later I hear Dave say "I went to U-Vic" I can only assume that is short for "The Restaurant of Unspecified Victuals (aka The Mystery Meat Cafe)" as I cannot imagine that a graduate of a fine school such as the University of Victoria could mangle the language so.

Or, it could have been such subtle irony that the whole thing whizzed over my head. Hard to say some days.

Dave said...

I don't think that counts. Everybody calls it UVic. Even their website is Furthermore, the sports teams at that fine school used to be called The Vikings. They have since been officially shortened to The Vikes. 'Nuff said.

MMD said...

Hey guys is the feed broken my podcatcher isn't picking up this episode.

Dave said...

The feed is showing up on some podcatchers, but not others. Apparently Libsyn has some CDN problems, whatever that means, but they're working toward a solution. The file is up, and this feed is working:

J-Bos! said...

That's a great prank, Olliver! I've tried it on a colleague already, worked like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, watching CityTV's The List - Paul just got bleeped for saying something about dumping something in a river... what was he saying??

Pretty funny show by the way, Graham & Charlie are particularly hilarious.
Is anyone else watching it?

Anonymous said...

Listening to the episode and at the exact same time that Guy was talking about buying a baseball hat in Whistler...I was walking my dog, wearing a baseball hat I bought in Whistler 13 years ago (when I lived there, briefly)...BTW: The show was filmed in Alberta and it was retarrible.

Love, KellyB

Anonymous said...

another great month - looking forward to April guys

Anonymous said...

I also had trouble with iTunes finding the episode. I found that unsubscribing and then subscribing again immediately worked.

kms said...

First time listener, first time commenter. Currently listening to the Macpherson podcast on my computer. Ah, how long is this thing? It seems to just keep going and going; I'm sure I've been listening for at least 5 minutes by now. Keep up the good work!

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