Monday, January 12, 2009

Episode 45 - Toby Hargrave

In our first show of '09, we're joined by comedian Toby Hargrave, with whom we discuss infomercials, snow, Snow, and extraordinary blokes.

Download episode 45 here (right-click)

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Shaq's rap career

Vancouver Mayor Johnny Juice

Male pattern Monk

The Snuggie
The Flavorwave (featuring Darla Haun!!!)

Not the same guy

Matthew Lesko

These guys


Dave Mustaine (I found this pre-photoshopped, a propos of nothing)

Damnocracy (Dave Mustaine, not a member)

Bangkok Dangerous

One Night in Bangkok

The General Lee

12 Inches of Snow

Revolutionary Road

Dick Clark's kissy face

The League of Extraordinary Blokes


Rey My Sterio Jr.

Grampa's new toy

Erica Ehm

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

-Jason Statham was a competitive diver, not a competitive soccer player.


Leo said...

Hmm, extraordinary? He may have grown an impressive moustache and developed a formidable stare over the years, but behind the veneer, I think Ian McShane will always be just a roguish, yet affable, antiques dealer.

Olliver said...

Holy geez, I've been overhearded, and it achieved a Griggle! Which is really neat, even though I sounded like a 14 year old!

I know those girls thought Toby had no teeth, but I found him endearing. "Alright, honey, hold still. I'm a baaad shot!"

Nickname unavailable said...

Grace Jones. Grace Jones.

Dan said...

To be fair to Ms Aniston, the '50s persisted well into the '60s.

Sassy Fontaine said...

OOOOH if grace jones doesn't make it into the extraordinary blokes, y'all need to get y'all's heads checked! great suggestion!!

J-Bos! said...

See, if we had a website with a forum/message board, we could've had a thread where we discussed awesome/horrible infomercials.

We bought the magic bullet (actually a MB ripoff). But that commercial was awesome because it tried to hit a bunch of sterotypes with the people sitting around the counter watching smoothies get made. My favorite being the guy who was apparently really hungover from the night before. They kept passively-aggressively chastising him for being a drunk.

Olliver said...

Jon Hamm.

What gets club soda out? said...

Olliver, I loved your overheard, well done.

Olliver said...

Alas, I cannot take all of the credit. The delivery is all I truly provided. I can, however, bask in the glory.

Emmett said...

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.
I voke for that Bloke.

What gets club soda out? said...

Gosh I love Gaston. I know you were supposed to hate him but I just loved that arrogance. He's definitely extraordinary.

My brother's blue hair hotdog overheard made it, I've not got the heart to tell him I shared his story of ridicule with lots of SPY fans.

Andrew said...

I nominate Patrick Stewart for the league of Extraordinary Blokes and am surprised I am the first.

Maren said...

I'm so happy you talked about informercials - one of my favorite "shows" as a child was the Ronco Food Dehydrator.

The ShamWow guy does another commercial for the Slap Chop:
Apparently he wrote/directed/starred in "The Underground Comedy Movie."

Shelouise said...

I vote for "Edward Woodward" a.k.a."the Equalizer" for la liga.

also, "strokin' it up." Hilarious.

Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

I nominate Robert Downey Jr for the LEB, in fact he's been a member on and off for years. He's the one who doesn't use fistacuff but instead his wits and charm to get out of situations and massive amount of the poon.

Eric said...

That slap chop commercial is insane. Make sure to check out the Vince Offer (the host of both infomercials) Wikipedia entry. Someone over on Maxfun pointed it out. Its one of the craziest WP entries I have seen.

Couple of clarifications about the package I sent (although I doubt anyone cares), the nearly a year referred to the fact that you guys haven't been on a full year or at least didn't have 52 episodes. And the reason I hand wrote the note about not finding beard combs was because I was on the way out of town when I sent the package. It was either send it at the UPS at that moment or wait another week. I had already procrastinated enough. And those combs were amazing. Thanks again guys. Hope Grampa enjoys his new toy. My pups take about 15 minutes before they have the first squeaker out.

Olliver said...

Dolph Lundgren for the League. He could still beat anyone to death with his jaw.

Suzie said...

Clive Owen for the League! Shoot 'Em Up?!