Monday, January 19, 2009

Episode 46 - Alicia Tobin

Comedian Alicia Tobin joins us for a gigglefest in which we talk about more extraordinary blokes, we eat Graham Bumpers, and we play that WebMD game. Enough with the Johnny Dakota callbacks.

Download episode 46 here (right-click).

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Viva Rock Vegas


Johnny Dakota

Theory of a Deadman

More wigplay

Dave's overheard



The Dice Man

New blokes

Not blokes


The ceremonial opening

Nope, I think one is named Wendell

-The Melanie Griffith movie was Another Day in Paradise, directed by Larry Clark.


Shelouise said...

Has someone checked to see if Olliver is still alive? ;)
Hope you´re ok man.

Shelouise said...

hey....let´s get some CanCon on that League....Don Cherry? Ohh, Jean Chr├ętien!!!! Or J-trois (as I like to call him.)

Shelouise said...

Fonz´s ladyfriend is Pinky Tuscadero and she had a sister "Leather", played by Suzi Quatro.

J-Bos! said...

The movie review segment was pure gold.

"Schindler's List? A bunch of Jewish people got killed. It was pretty good. Wait that came out wrong".

Anonymous said...

You want to talk commercialization?
I've got your commercialization right here.

Olliver said...

Graham, I'm sure the ladies find you handsome. But are you handy, as well?

Eric said...

30 some odd Obama products:

The product that I have seen the most of and that makes me illest is the victory plates. The video is hilarious while simultaneously gag reflex inducing:

I have to imagine that this is the same company that made the 9/11 $20 bill. Fucking disgusting.

Eric said...

My favorite part of that plate commercial is the guy at the desk. He looks at the plate and nods like "that's it Obama, we are going to do this together." I wonder who is worse, the people making the plates or the people in the commercials. Its probably the makers, but not by much.

Poke said...

Blokes! Paul Newman, John Wayne, Joel Otto, Rollie Fingers. And Eazy-E.

Poke said...

Something from Statham's wikipedia page:

"the second son of a lounge singer and dressmaker-turned-dancer."

dave said...

Joel Otto, the hockey player? Joel Otto, the worst hockey player ever?

Poke said...

Yeah "worst", but like how black people use it.

eebee said...
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eebee said...

Old School CanCon Bloke suggestions:

Bruno Gerussi (not bald at all.. but he always seemed rougher and tumbler than his role on the Beachcombers would suggest.)

Bob Homme (aka Friendly Giant... did you get the feeling that guy could crack and go mental on the tiny town?)

Carlo Rota (he's bald, he seems like he's incredibly nice on his food show though, maybe he's too well dressed...)

What about John Colicos... he's got a wicked stare...

Jeremy Kay said...

I have an entry for the League of Blokes.

Bear Hugger from Super-Punchout.

He is Canadian, Bald and until you figure out his weak spot (punch him in the face and he freaks out) his defence is almost inpenitrable.

Love the Show,
Yer Pal
Jeremy Kay

Anonymous said...

Remember this episode?: