Monday, January 26, 2009

Episode 47 - Craig Anderson

Sketchy comedian Craig Anderson joins us to talk about the conventions of music videos, sandwiches, and Canadian blokes. We also stuntcast The X-Files.

Download episode 47 here (right-click)

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The predecessor

The 'back

Music video conventions (MuVidCons)
Left to right, top to bottom:
Jeffrey Tambor in the Ghostbusters video
Avril Lavigne in that Treble Charger video
Where'd you go, Dissolvey?
Old cars
Missy Fisheye
Ma$elord Mutha Mutha
Recliner in space
Slo-mo playback thing
Pre-vid story
All-vid story
Vicky Vale, Vicky Vale

Orser and Boitano

Not a gay thing

Boobsuit riot

Graham as the Telus Gecko

Graham's gut (watch the video here)

A Folgers commercial (with Rockapella!)

America Or Burst

The Balki Jesus

Two new Blokes

Canadian Blokes?
Left to right, top to bottom:
That Canadian Guy, Peter Mansbridge, Tie Domi, Mark Messier, Hugh Dillon, Master T, Maestro Fresh Wes, Snow, MadChild, Roch Voisine, Stu Hart, Bret Hart, Don Cherry

George "The Animal" Steele

Our superfan, Darren Aronofsky

X-Files Stuntcast

Corrections: The actor who played J. Jonah Jameson is J.K. Simmons.


Olliver said...

Canadian blokes?

Bill Shatner. He likes horses, but he's Bill fucking Shatner.

Paul Matwychuk said...

Another great podcast, guys. I was amused to realize that Graham was pronouncing "faux fur" as "fox fur."

I might have a different idea of blokiness than you guys, but would Leonard Cohen qualify as a Canadian bloke? He's got a cool, self-assured, masculine vibe, don't you think? Or does all the poetry writing count against him?

If not Cohen, how about Mordecai Richler? Or, if you want to reach back a few decades, Lorne Greene?

Olliver said...

I don't know if you follow the British Premier League at all, but what about Chelsea FC Captain John Terry?

Sassy Fontaine said...

j lo actually wore fur from FOXES on her eyelashes to the oscars a couple years back. but faux is funnier.

Anthony said...

John Terry? are you kidding me? Billy Big Boots is far from a bloke. If you have the entire BPL to pick from I would have to put the likes of Jimmy Bullard, Wayne Rooney (bald points), maybe even Gerrard after his recent punch up. Blokes don't slip and loose the champions league final. You know what I don't think any current football player can be a bloke. Former football player, now that is a great bloke quality.

Olliver said...

Are you honestly gonna sit there and blame a slip on a player? The teams and commentators were saying for days before the match that the pitch was soppy and god awful, and it proceeded to rain for almost the entire 90+ minutes!

And Wayne Rooney?! Puh-lease. You don't get to be a Bloke just because you're a dog ugly son of a bitch. Besides, he's practically a ballerina just for playing on the same team with the likes of Christiano Ronaldo. Hell, Petr Cech alone is more of a Man than the entire United starting 11.

Inquiring Bumper said...

What's the name of the free voicemail service you use??

AVR said...

Are you guys doing a new comedy show now that the Slickety Jim's thing is over?

dave said...

A few answers:

-Neither of us is currently putting on a comedy show at the moment, but we're both still performing wherever.
-The voicemail service is
-John Terry has a great bloke haircut, but I can't in good conscience approve a soccer player.
-C'mon, no soccer talk.

Olliver said...

Did you yourself not talk about playing soccer?

J-Bos! said...

Less soccer talk and more Dave talking about Lost. How about a SPY-spinoff Lost podcast, Shumka?

J-Bos! said...

Oh and speaking of Lost, Kate from Lost is Canadian and she's pretty bad ass. I nominate her.

Also, I realize that athletes are semi-frowned upon but Jerome Iginla is pretty damn blokey.

Some other suggestions: Donald Sutherland and, the most obvious one of all, Corey Haim.

Jeremy Kay said...

Jeremy Kay said...
I have an entry for the League of Blokes.

Bear Hugger from Super-Punchout.

He is Canadian, Bald and until you figure out his weak spot (punch him in the face and he freaks out) his defence is almost inpenitrable.

Love the Show,
Yer Pal
Jeremy Kay

January 28, 2009 6:15 AM

Kyle said...

I came here for pictures of Graham's gut and all I get is Demi Moore in a painted on bodysuit.
Also, would Milla Jovovich be considered a lady bloke? She's carried some crazy action franchises, and has experience working with Bruce Willis.

Anthony said...

Settle down there Last Samurai. I will omit the rebuttal for the sake of the Dave and other bumpers.

Anyway, bloke nomination, Peter Weller

Eric said...

I'd like to add the shattering vase to the music video conventions. Whether being thrown against a wall with a slo-mo break during an argument or a slo-mo break when someone knocks it over while falling/collapsing, its among the best of the conventions.

My nomination for Canadian bloke is Les Stroud. He does all the stuff that Bear Grylls does without all of the staying in hotels at night or safety rigs or support crew. He's bald. I don't know about the fighting in a bar, but you have to get some big time points for being able to make a figure-four deadfall trap or being able to field dress a rabbit.

Also, I don't think that a soccer player could ever be a bloke.

Ian said...

Well, here I am. I've finally caught up on all the episodes and feel like its ok to comment now. Fantastic show guys! You are both gentlemen and scholars. Or you could take the titles separately; but each of you gets one because sharing is caring.

I can't believe nobody has mentioned this bloke...Telly Savalas. I don't care that he's not Canadian; its Kojak!

Suzie said...

seriously, where's Graham's gut video?

Ronnie said...

The Monster Truck world finals occur every year in Las Vegas, gosh, what are you stupid or something?

Also the world finals are super quick, it's just two turns and one jump, so anyone can win. But anyone worth their mullet can tell you that it's all about the freestyle when it comes to being successful and selling bad ass skull t-shirts, and that's where the 'digger can't be beat boy!

Ian said...

I'm not sure why nobody has mentioned this....

Graham may want to reconsider his enthusiasm about going to the monster truck show.

Shelouise said...

Come on, I suggested Canadian blokes including Don Cherry on Jan 20th. A little credit for the bumpers now and then please. You stink, thanks for nothing.

dave said...

Yes, thank you Sheila. We couldn't do it without you.

Shelouise said...

I guess I've been told....I'll go back to supporting you in silence.

dave said...

No, please Sheila. We're very sorry for not crediting you. We're so very lazy. Keep your support loud and proud, steadfast and true.

Shelouise said...

Gentlemen, no need to be sorry. Your humour is a highlight of my week and it keeps getting better and better. I'm considering making Graham and Dave felt handpuppets so I can act out the podcast.

Graham and Dave said...

I really want to encourage this idea. Do you need some money for felt or googley eyes?

Graham and Dave said...

Graham's clip!

Anonymous said...

The blokes stuff is becoming the longest running, and least funny, segment of all time.

enough blokes! NO FUNNY

Need I remind you you haven't talked about time travel in ages!

Olliver said...

Big talk from someone without a name.

"Need I remind you you haven't talked about time travel in ages!"

And I's without a face.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't with clear conscience suggest a man as a bloke over merely one comment, but i do confess that i did feel the one known as "kyle" is well on his way for his complaint that, "I came here for pictures of Graham's gut and all I get is Demi Moore in a painted on bodysuit."

If that period had but been an indignant and emphatic "?" i would feel that kyle was two steps along the path; but still, at one step i can't help but remember that every ten thousand mile/bar-fight/death-defiance-moment path to Blokelightenment starts with one small step.


p.s. And despite appearances, that sixteen thousand kilometre mile/bar-fight/death-defiance-moment path that we are forced to endure in Canada and the rest of the world is in fact no longer than that 10k-er that those in the US still travel.

p.p.s. I will clarify that though it should go without clarification, the "bar-fight" element of Blokitude refers /not/ to being in; but rather being /with/in, around, or preventing. Now /that's/ true Blokitude! (The grounds upon which i would have suggested Gandhi were he still with us, but alas death is as exclusionary as is Andy Capp's fictionality.)

last p.s. I shake my fist due universal north at the Bloke Gods (and don't pretend there aren't any; have you read some of the behaviours of the old Norse or Greek gods, to name but two sets?) and shout from the now-anguished depths of my soul "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?" when i contemplate their exclusion of the fictional despite the very personification of said Andrew Capp, our very own beloved Graham.

actually the last p.s. I guess Harem Scarem was right: There is no justice in the world.

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