Monday, February 2, 2009

Episode 48 - Orland Kurtenblog

Hockey bloggers Mike Halford and Jason Brough of Orland Kurtenblog join us to talk sports, Tupac conspiracy theories, and actual Canadian blokes.

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The Stings again

Orland Kurtenbach

Andrianne Curry (courtesy Perez Hilton)

Tony Stewart's Coke machine

Chin Music

Local Gods

The Bud Bowl

Bonhomme Carnaval

Red Bull's Crashed Ice

Bin Laden

Mariachi (with Superman)

The other Schindler

Is he or isn't he?

Baffin Island

SuthSuthIronStomp, the CanBloke Revolution

A couple more inductees

Undeserving hockey Hall of Famer, Clark Gillies

Evangeline Lilly in a Live Links ad


Olliver said...

Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal.

Jesse "The Devil" Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal.

Homme plays guitar and sings in QotSA and generally plays drums in EoDM. Hughes plays guitar and sings in EoDM.

Anthony said...

Light or Lite beer in the US is less calories but same alcohol% (most of the time) In Canada I believe it means less alcohol% I have no qualms with the light beers. Sure when you want a full flavored beer you would be a fool to drink light, but when it is hot as hell in the summer I find them to be much more refreshing. I think that is about as patriotic as I get, that I support light beers. The hipsters love their PBR for sure. If it is substantially cheaper than other beers at the bar, sure I'll have one but some people actively seek it out.

I would try to explain the sophisticated subtleties of NASCAR but I think that would require an entire episode dedicated to it.

Olliver said...

Actually, easier than you think.

You see, NASCAR is just like any other sport. Fans care less about what's going on as it happens and more about what the outcome will be. Yes, they like crashes, but only as a way of tiding them over until the last 10 laps or so.

Unlike most sports, however, half of the NASCAR driver's job is talk; to the cameras, the press, whatever. And the press is fully infused into the sport. Drivers are often guests of the various NASCAR shows, as well as doing pre and post race interviews. Not only that, but you're getting constant updates on the drivers throughout the race. As such, it's very easy to gain an understanding of the driver's personality. Thus, it's very easy to find a driver you like, and more importantly, drivers you hate.

Once you have an athlete or a team that you like, the sport becomes easier to enjoy and become engrossed with.

Ian said...

Dear sirs, I must inquire; have you ever seen The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension? I think that may change your mind about Peter Weller being in the League. If not, surely this movie would help to include him in the Band of Blokes.

Is there any stipulation for being in the Band of Blokes that the players must be Canadian? If it is a band open to all nationalities, I'm not sure there is any denying that the bassist would be Lemmy.

Another excellent podcast!

Anthony said...

Thanks for the Weller support Ian, but I guess now we have to focus on the bloke super band. Can Peter Weller jam? Laser Harp maybe?

I think yes -

Ian said...

Laser harp indeed! I think this should answer your question -

Getting back to others in the Band of Blokes, Shane McGowan is certainly a bloke, but I'm not sure he can keep his shit together long enough for the impending tour. I think Levon Helm is more of a chap than a bloke; but he did play with a bunch of Canadians (bonus points?); or does that cross the line into basically just having The Band be the Band of Blokes?

dave said...

For the record, Canadian-ness has nothing to do with the band. Lemmy's a great start.

Kyle said...

• The dumpster next to the Tony Stewart machine is a nice touch.

• I could name some other 'colored' comics, but if no one else has ever seen them in a newspaper, it's kinda pointless.

• I'd like to imagine Graham has several volumes of photo albums with pictures of his favorite shows he breaks out for company.

• How's Robert Pollard from Guided by Voices for the Band of Blokes?

• Word verification: machro

Dan said...

Tom Waits on the piano?

And I'm fully behind having Lemmy in the band.

Eric said...

I can't decide whether Bruce "Bruno" Willis on harmonica is a good idea or the worst idea ever.

Anthony said...

Ian and I were talking about Willis yesterday and we think he would be part of the Band of D-Bags. Willis on harmonica, Steven Segal on rhythm guitar, Jared Leto on lead guitar, Keanu Reeves on bass, Jason Shwartzman on drums, and Billy Bob Thorton on vocals.

Eric said...

I think I am going to have to go with you on that, Anthony. That swayed my opinion. However, I would swap Billy Bob out for Russel Crowe. Billy Bob is great. Russel is a dick. Also, I don't know if I would include Schwartzman. His music sucks, but he isn't that awful. Certainly not Segawful.

Jerry said...

In terms of the Band of Blokes, I nominate Keith Richards as an honorary back up guitar player (I'm not sure whether he actually knows how to play). He seems to be getting more and more follicularly challenged and certainly he has banged his head enough, drank and consumed enough mood altering substances to appear completely moodless- which may prevent him from looking as bloaky as some others. As of this second he is still somehow alive. I would submit to you that to qualify as a bloke, a candidate must be alive but most major news stations will have an obituary piece prepared for their sure to be imminent demise. Keith Richards certainly qualifies in this regard

rob sparrow said...

Definitely second the Jesse Hughes nomination.

He described his last album with Eagles of Death Metal as "EODM's latest fabulous weapon, a top-secret music missile, a sonic warhead sexually tipped for her pleasure, shot from the deck of USS EODM Mantastic Fantastic."

After Axl Rose called his bands the Pigeons of Shit Metal he had it tattooed on his arm.

He also has the best non-ironic moustache around today.

Combinations and Permutations Podcast said...

I called in with the overheard about the guy yelling outside my apartment and he did say voyeurville which is probably the guys name for Las Vegas where I guess there are a lot of people who look at things. The only issue is that it is usually the tourists that do the looking and no tourist come near my apartment complex.

Samuel Hansen
Combinations and Permutations Podcast

Brian G. said...

He probably should have been a Core Bloke, but Russell Crowe is also a hilariously bad lead singer in the wonderfully named group 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

Punching! Phone smashing!

Leena said...

As a big fan of the movie and Peter Weller I'm sad to say that this clip might serve to both prove he can rock as well as be so embarrassingly "of it's time" that it would cancel out being a member of the Band O'Blokes. I think it's all the pre-stage spinning that really puts the breaks on it for me.

Leena said...

Oh, and me and the guys at the office nominate Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip for lead singer in the band. Canadian, dry sense of humor, that glint in his eye that says he might start giggling like a school girl or smash his brew on the floor and storm the bar in the next minute so like, WATCH OUT!

Shelouise said...
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Shelouise said...

You keep finding great guests. i expect that Gordon Ramsay would cater for the Lo E B....(Lisa Loeb lover, Dave).
Peter Stormare must be a shoe in as Peter means "the rock" as you may recall from your days at bible college and Stormare is su├ędoise for "the stormer". Don't get more badass than that.

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