Monday, February 23, 2009

Episode 51 - Kevin Lee

Improviser Kevin Lee joins us and we talk giant burgers, we get fed up with blokes, we do some Graham's dad movie reviews, and we play a round of Fisher or Adams.

Download episode 51 here (right-click)

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Anthony said...

Awww you blacked out his name on the flier. Ok, I respect that, I guess dragging that asshat's name through the mud is unnecessary. Although, a little part of me was hoping that he could have become the next Aleksey Vayner. We need a new "Impossible is Nothing" damn it. Either way, glad to contribute something.

Olliver said...

The bearded guy you're thinking of is Billy Mays.

Olliver said...

Oh, and I think a good Graham's Dad line would have been...


"The guy tells Jack Nicholson it's Chinatown."

dave said...

Yeah, for Chinatown I thought it was gonna be, "A guy says Jack Nicholson is too nosy, so he cuts his nose off."

craxworth said...

I believe Kevin Lee was referring to hush puppies when he was in his Memphis BBQ experience explanation. However, if they were really balls of congealed grease, they were horrible hush puppies, and should not be taken as an example of food people eat.

J-Bos! said...

In high school, we had one trip a year where we went from our small town to the 'big city' of Saskatoon and there was a place called 'Karz' that had a 4-lb burger (you had to order at least one day ahead of time). We used to force all the rookies to eat the giant burger. We allowed them to go 4 people to a burger but it still destroyed their digestive system.

Jerry said...

Scientific blokes? The guys from Mythbusters (as some sort of team/transformeresque supermythbuster) seems like a slam dunk to me. I don't know if any individual one of them could make it but the combination makes them blokeworthy. I know we can't create or base blokiness on anything other than real people but if they can team up it seems like the perfect storm of baldness, humor and the other factors defining blokiness.
In addition I would also like to nominate the guys who invented Viagra- they were trying to come up with something to fight heart disease and found that one of the side effects of their pill was that guys got a woody. Anyone who can set out to help mankind in a powerful way, only to end up helping out mankind in an even more powerful and awesome way is tremendously blokey in my book.

Zoe said...

I know you said you're getting sick of the LoEB, but I wonder if you ever thought about any *writers* who might qualify for LoEB membership? He's dead, but would Ernest Hemingway qualify as a bloke? Or was he too... something? How about Chuck Pahlaniuk? Neil Pollack? Any Canadian writers?

Cameron said...

In terms of the Blokes of Science, I think Craig Venter is an obvious nominee. This guy may be best known for his work on the sequencing of the human genome (eventually he had his own genome sequenced).

In terms of blokiness, not only has he managed to get himself fired from companies he founded, but he is a Viet Nam war vet (so he knows how to fight), he apparently used to surf, and he is bald.

GPJaxies said...

I think Jamie from Mythbusters was the most unfair exclusion from the League of Blokes. That guy is stoic yet punchy, and science rules. And I dare say he pulls of a beret.

Dave, when you said "Don't go Jason wooden nickels" I think I died a little, inside.

joshtastic said...

More like Va-JJ Bean, cause those dudes act like a bunch of vaginas. And I'm outta here!!!

Anonymous said...

badass science blokes? Christopher Hitchens gets punched in the mouth all the time. he underwent water board torture to see what the fuss is about for example. he chainsmokes in all his interviews. I saw one where he was smoking under a no-smoking sign. blokey.

Abby´s Aunt Sheila said...

Back for a revisit. Enjoyed his one. I feel like I´ve had 5 espressos after listening to Kevin "Yeah! No! Yeah!" Lee (00:14:06). Great guest.

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