Sunday, February 8, 2009

Episode 49 - Bita Joudaki

Comedian and improvisor Bita Joudaki joins us for a gigglefest, some Degrassi talk, and a rating of contemporary pop stars.

Download episode 49 here (right-click)

Apologies to any subscribers who received this episode twice. I accidentally republished it.

Brought to you by:

Arthur K., the true face of Canadian television

The Kids of it.

The Jeopardy Challenge


Black Snake Moan hair (sorry about the lackluster photoshopping)

That Elvis movie from the Eddie Murphy joke

Too goofball?

Bald jerks

"Look how weird I'm being."

Special K pedometer and pleated corduroy

Road to Wellville

Butch Vig, the skinny one, Shirley Manson, and the bald one

Timmie T (Courtesy of Quality Records)

Wait, no. I was thinking of Tommy Page. Who the eff are either of these people? You can understand my confusion. These guys are the Paxton and Pullman of early 90's balladeers.

Bologna and Cereal Gordon Gartrell, which is apparently a thing.

Colm Feore, not a bloke

Moakler, Bike Cop

Buff as a 20-year-old

Graham's gut, for anyone who missed it (the video is here)

Bita's Celebrity Crush Hat, age 14; Canadian Tuxedo


Olliver said...

Just started listening.

Bita started singing Get To Know Us and then giggled uncontrollably for like 3 minutes.

This is gonna be good.

Oh and Dave saying "Ooone minute she's on a high..." sounded like Jesse from MaxFun.

Anonymous said...

I have to say. I had an awful weekend and was in a terrible mood this morning on my long commute to work. And then... sent from the podcast gods was a steady and lengthy stream of cute girly giggling and I was instantly in a better mood. How could you not be?

Praise you, Bita!

J-Bos! said...

I think the Fresh Prince moment you're thinking of, Graham, was when Tevin Campbell came to sing to Ashley. He was named Lil T or something to that effect on the show. But unfortunately - for your segment and for the world of RnB - he was an Tevin Campbell is/was an actual singer at the time

Maren said...

Thanks for the Degrassi talk . . . always welcome, especially since no one here (utah) understands that to raise funds for unicef, you just need to take a picture of Arthur toilet papering Raditch's house.

Also, loved the impromtu "Senorita" performance!

blerf said...

What was edited out of the first version of this episode? The second one I got was a minute shorter. I thought it was going to be that song at the end, but that was still there. And what was with that song anyway?

dave said...

Something was said that Bita asked to be taken out, so we did that. And that song was Katy Perry's "Hot & Cold," as alluded to in the episode. G-D-Am-C

Anonymous said...

Can you post more pictures of Grandpa on the blog? He's so cute!!

dave said...

You should be able to see Grampa pictures here, even if you're not a Facebook member:

And here:

KellyB said...

Thanks for the Grampa pics, Dave....and....POOR GRAHAM!!! Does someone at the Comedy Network have a grudge against him? I would skewer who(m)ever edited that as soon as possible.

KellyB said...

P.S.: What is the name of the music podcast Dave mentioned?

dave said...

That was the Bit Parade Show. It's not exclusively a music podcast anymore though.

AVR said...

All of the 'Degrassi Talks' episodes come as a special feature on the Degrassi Junior High Complete Collection.

Just in case anyone wants that.

Good episode, folks.

Hans said...

I just went and a had a look at the "gut video", you know what? Doesn't really matter. That said, I'm probably not the kind of guy you want to attract anyways, so the ladies should judge. But I have to say, that story is really funny, friggen porn "collectors"!

joanna said...

official american listener here: there's no such thing as an american tuxedo, but there's a texas tuxedo, which is the canadian tuxedo + cowboy boots. and sometimes a bolo tie.

Jarrod Banadyga said...

Fictional Celebs:

Fresh Prince of Bel Aire also had a character called Michelle Michaels (Stacey Dash from Clueless/Kanye Video fame). I think she was a movie star who dated the Fresh Prince for an episode. I believe she had a limo, as all famous people do.

The writers really phoned it in on creating a celebrity name for her.

hcg said...

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cddb said...

it's funny how bita was basically trying to double down on the failed katy perry prediction...."she isn't still popular is she??". in the future year of 2015, she does the superbowl halftime show! ;-)