Sunday, December 28, 2008

Episode 44 - Taz VanRassel

Improviser Taz VanRassel joins us to talk Christmas releases, wrestling tag teams, and iPod battles. We stuntcast Archie and crown our Official American Listener. It could be you.

Download episode 44 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:


Ben Button

House of Flying Daggers Jealous Lovers

AIDS quilts

Tim Roth and Tupac


Dennises the Menaces

Popeye and co.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Tag teams (Bushwhackers, Nasty Boys, Demolition, MoM Clockwise from top left)

Woofles and Meowz

New Mini Pops

Danny Trejo

Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds


Breakin' Vs. Krumpin'

Glory Road

Crankworx (X!)


Just A Drop

Bubble Bobble


The saddest youth

Mariska Hargitay and a monkey

Stuntcasting Archie

Rick Rockwell



Gravity boot sit-ups


Olliver said...

I believe the morning show was called "Wakey Wakey, Eggs n' Bakey"

Olliver said...
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Olliver said...

And what's the deal with the love affair with Adrien Brody, Toby Maguire, and Frankie Muniz? They seem to be in the running for every picture.

iurbansk said...

the black friend in archie was Chuck Clayton, p.s.

dave said...

Olliver, the heart wants what it wants.

Anthony said...

Graham, the board game with the volcano was called Fireball Island. It looked like more fun than it actually was. However, it did fair better than the Fire Island board game.

J-Bos! said...

"oooh, oooh! Anne Hathaway. She has GIANT fucking teeth". Great quote.

Anthony said...

My buddy Ian linked me this

Now you know what he looks like when you go back in time to kill him.

kmc said...

several years ago a chicago morning radio "shockjock" did a bit for the show that involved barbecuing pigeons out on the street and offering them to homeless people. but really the jackass dj was actually up in the studio and his lackey was the one at the grill. I'm pretty sure the lackey was arrested. and obviously it was scandalous. the dj was fired later, but for something else... I agree, if homeless people wanted to eat pigeons, they could get them themselves. It's insulting to offer that when shelters provide real food. as for pigeons being a nuisance, yeah they're gross, but people fuck shit up a lot more. i guess that's just in case that dude oversees this...

Michael DePaula said...

Oh you guys were so close with the Veronica Lodge casting. Sarah Silverman's agent called and was very disappointed with your choice.

Anthony said...

agreed, please no more oversaids. We bumpers are better than that.

joanna said...


please tell taz that i do have a tattoo, so his arbitrary method of OAL choosing was spot on.

thanks, guys. i won't let you down.

Shelouise said...

The "Mutant Biker" in Weird Science is Michael Berryman best known from 1977´s "The Hills Have Eyes". Gratuitous everything.

Shelouise said...

Mariska H is pictured with a lar gibbon / white-handed gibbon which is in fact a lesser ape....sans tail, yo.
Isn´t your mum´s name Jane as well? Coincedence?

coat said...

that tattoo chicks cookbook was 'how it all vegan'

joanna said...

actually, i'd wager that taz was referring to isa chandra moskowitz and terry romano, who are also tattooed, and for whom michele and morgan also do recipe testing.

Christine said...

Just a Drop smells more vile than the smell it's trying to cover up. We have it at our office.

Olliver said...

"Just a Drop smells more vile than the smell it's trying to cover up."

I can see the comercial now...

Monday, at the office, Steve steps out of the restroom right as his boss walks by.

Boss: Jesus, Steve! Lay off the spicy foods, or you're fired!

Tuesday, at the office, Steve steps out of the restroom right as his boss walks by.

Boss: Good lord! What died in there?!

Steve, grinning at the camera: Thanks, Just A Drop!

aaand scene

Anonymous said...

When life deals you lemons, make lemon-aids.

Jade said...