Monday, December 1, 2008

Episode 40 - Abby Campbell

Abby Campbell is back to talk dreadlock beards, Jessica Simpson, and fanmail. We also get serious about our Official American Listener.

Download episode 40 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Bear Grylls


Chicken or the egg

Wendel Clark at Wendel Clark's

Graham at Parliament


Gordon Gekko

David LaChappelle's Krumperie

Canada's Gemini Awards


Benjamin Button

The Soloist barfathon

Da Kink In My Hair

The diminutive Ms. Witherspoon

The cheapest movie cover ever


Cincinnati's favourite son

Cut your hair, Welling

Jungle 2 Jungle

Lupe Fiasco

One-Armed J. Palance


Iceberg Slim

-Graham said Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in Jungle 2 Jungle. I assume he meant his Home Improvement co-star, Tim Allen.
-Dave misspoke. It was Paul Cellucci, the former governor of Massachusetts, not Minnesota, who was the ambassador to Canada.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing back the singularity that is Abby Campbell!
Happy 40, Dave and Graham.

-Live from america, Bumper W.

Olliver said...

Happy birthday, Dave.
Happy birthdave.

In my mind, Abby and Marjorie are skipping hand in hand as co-best guests.

I think Graham was confusing Jungle 2 Jungle with the film Man of the House, which featured JTT in feathered indian getup (kinda like the cover of Jungle 2 Jungle). Google image it.

As for your upcoming new site, I think it would be great if...

...get the whole story. And you could cut back on...

Shelouise said...

I guess Graham really is a big WKRP in Cincinnati fan as when his attepts to get a response with a line from the theme failed to generate a response, he cleverly steered the conversation back with the help of Jessica Simpson. I too was a great fan and even named my Cabbage Patch Doll "Bunny" after Herb Tarlek´s daughter...back in 1981.

Eric said...

I was wondering when Abby might be back. She is awesome. I love her celebrity mail segment.

Man, I didn't know people were writing pledges of allegiance and crap. Holy geez. I can't decide whether that is craziness or devotion. Ironically enough, my word verification for this comment is "scalker".

Cameron said...

While I understand that you are based in Vancouver, as someone who lives in Halifax and is from St. John's, it is hard for me to compute 'East' when it refers to Ontario, as this is definitely several hundred kilometers west of where I am now (and is not even on the Atlantic).

I guess I am mainly disappointed because when I heard about Graham going 'East' I hoped/assumed that meant he would make it all the way to Halifax, which didn't turn out to be the case.

Eric said...

By the way, that was some amazing news, Dave. Louis CK is easily the best working comedian. I think I speak for all the bumpers when I say that we would love to hear some of yours and Graham's stand up. Maybe some bonus audio?

Maren said...

Hooray! Thanks for reading my Overseen and for pronouncing my name properly!

Happy 40th episode - you guys always make me laugh. :)

Olliver said...

Hey fellas, I was just listening to a few old episodes and I heard some segments that haven't appeared in a while:

Take It or Leave It
Poprocks Minute
Celebrity Odds
Reality Show Pitches

Shelouise said...

And of course, the young Abigail is a delight. Always a pleezure. As far as the new site goes....SURELY grampa will be more prominently featured. Surely.

Anthony said...

Happy 39th SPY. Another great episode.

I also would love to hear some of your stand up. I try to keep up with some of your guests and see if they are going to be in NYC at anytime. Maybe this new website you are going to put up could list some future tour dates and events of dave, graham and the guests. That way even when you have to do the time delay episodes the website could still plug the events everyone is doing in real time.

Kyle said...

At this point, there should just be a wheel you guys spin to decide which segment to do. Also, I hope the picture of Graham at Parliament is exactly the same as the picture of Graham with Dustin Diamond- kinda like the Jessica Simpson thing.
Finally, I must admit I'm disappointed Abby never forwarded my drawing.

Emmett said...

It's Dave's 40th Birthday?

Eric said...

Great idea on the keeping up with past guests. Maybe have a forum with threads for each episode, ala Maxfun.

Speaking of Maxfun, did you notice those bastards ripping off the pranks idea? Typical public radio tactics.

Anthony said...

Yeah I used to be into JJGo quite a bit but it has really taken a dive lately. Jordan still has jokes but Jesse just drags the show into the shitter every episode. And even when they have guests he hardly lets them speak. By far their best show was when it was just Jordan and two other guests. Stealing the pranks was the last straw. What next JJGo Over heard! The nerve!

Podcast allegiances, nerdiest thing ever.

dave said...

For the record, I don't think Jordan or Jesse listen. And if they did, they wouldn't "steal" anything. They seem like really decent gentlemen. I'm sure it's pure coincidence.

joanna said...

there is some serious photochoppin going on with the four christmases movie poster. vaughn is 1.25 times the size of witherspoon! look at the respective size of their faces!

excellent show, as always. that abby is a gem.

crossing my fingers for the OAL outcome.

Anthony said...

I am sure they didn't "steal" the pranks idea, but lets just put it this way, there is a CSI:Miami story line in there somewhere.

Eric said...

I was joking. I don't think that they stole it at all. It is a funny coincidence though.

Shelouise said...

"spy" pronounced how Ins. Clouseau would say "spoo" means vomit in swedish.
This podcast only makes me vomit with laughter though.

Anonymous said...

Why are you thumbs-downing the Parliament, Graham? Is it because you're too lazy to thumbs-up the White House?

-dontknower (can't believe what he's seeing to the extent that he's considering a trip to VC just to s**t in Stanley Park ... Seriously considering it.)

Anonymous said...

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