Monday, December 8, 2008

Episode 41 - A.J. Bond

Filmmaker and former child actor A.J. Bond joins us to talk brushes with Speedman, films (movies), and tons more time travel.

Download episode 41 here. (right-click)

More about A.J.'s stuff here.

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The Zit Remedy (after they dropped the Remedy, and added the ssss)

Young Ernest

Speedmannin' it up in the K.P.

Dog Savant

This is what I meant by Reiki... it probably isn't.

It's Clavell with an L.

The cap washing device


Breaker High... heartbreaker high

Toronto in film

Alberta's flag


James Bond, Jr.

It's all about the Warriors, baby


The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rooney Dolenz Rourke

Keepin' tabs on the tabs

America (featuring Garfunkel)

Buckethead Gogglehead

(available in better quality here)


The Room (again)

-George Clooney won a best supporting actor Oscar for Syriana.


Olliver said...

I'm gonna go ahead and counter the vibe of that bad iTunes review and say that you guys are officially my favorite podcast. And you know, I listen to the MaxFun stuff, NNF, 40 Year Old Boy, etc. So you're more fun than them.

Now here's a James Bond Jr story. I used to watch the show, too. I had some toys, actually. Among them was a toy of I.Q. (must have already been a Q Jr. in SAG). He came with a flimsy plastic white lab coat. I also had a toy of the Lizard from the Spiderman animated series. He came with his own flimsy white lab coat. Unfortunately, the Lizard's lab coat ripped. So industrious little boy that I was, I took the lab coat off of my older and lamer I.Q. toy and slipped it onto my way cooler Lizard action figure. So Doc Connors might not have been able to regrow his arm, but his science safety credentials were fully restored. You know, except for the part with the genetic engineering that causes him to transform into an uncontrollable, murderous dinosaur man.

Also one time me and my friend were bored, so we tied one of my James Bond Jr.'s to a string and made him bungee jump out of my bedroom window, and when we chucked him out he slammed into the sidewalk below and his leg popped off.

Also, one time about a year ago I was at my sister's house and there was nothing on TV, so we watched The Long Kiss Goodnight, and it was fucking hilarious.

And now, I'll blow Graham's mind with some Hollywood time travel paradox.

In Escape From the Planet of the Apes, Cornelius and his wife, Dr. Zira, travel back to the 1970s and eventually give birth to a son. The government murders Cornelius and Zira, and what they believe to be their son, in the hopes of preventing apes from dominating the world in the future. However, the real son of the learned apes has been stashed away in Ricardo Montalban's traveling circus. This ape, who is known as Caesar in the two subsequent films, comes to be the forefather of intelligent apes and thus the very origin of ape dominance.

So add it all up and that means...Cornelius and Zira are their own grandchildren!

J-Bos! said...

With all the Back to the Future talk, should we not have a stuntcasting segment in the near future?

Some quick thoughts on the original remake to get the ball rolling:

- Michael Richards as Doc
- Malcolm in the Middle as Marty McFly
- Steve Sanders (90210) or the new creepy guy on Desperate Housewives or as Biff.
- Jim Carrey as George McFly
- Peggy from Mad Men as Lorraine
- iPhone as the Flux Capacitor

Anthony said...

Damn J-Bos that is good start. iPhone as the flux capacitor is gold.

Thanks for playing my overheard, it was cool to be part of the show.

I know the segment died despite its kick ass theme song but do you, Dave and Graham still play Rock Band? Do any other bumpers? I play online quite a bit on PS3. If any other bumpers want to jam online let me know. My PSN is Gutterboy44

Eric said...

How about Jake Busey as Biff Tannen?

Rock Band had a great theme song, but there wasn't really anywhere to take it, other than a guy telling you what percentage he got.

The Laugh Gallery said...

The Jake busey angle is great. The iphone is classic. I'm not sure Malcom in the Middle has the charm of a Marty McFly.

dave said...

Here's my short list for Marty McFly:

-Efron or LaBoeuf, obvs.
-Casey Affleck, in a Drowning Mona-style wig
-Jason Biggs
-John Heder
-DJ Qualls
-Joseph Gordon-Levitt
-Nick Cannon


Eric said...

Marty is a tough role to cast. He has to be charming, cute, easily bewildered and willing to hang out with 50 something year old mad scientists. Everyone mentioned so far has some of those qualities, but none hits them all perfectly. Biggs may be the closest, but he isn't nearly charming enough and probably not handsome enough.

Eric said...

I hate to say it, but Ashton Kutcher might be really good, provided he was in Kelso mode and not everything else has done mode.

dave said...

What about Topher Grace?

Although he might be better in a movie version of Archie comics. We could get the two 70's show girls to play Betty and Veronica too.

J-Bos! said...

How about Michael Cera for Marty McFly?

And by the way, I like Jake Busey for Biff.

My casting was skewed as I was going solely on this photo:

Which matched up nicely with this photo:

Overall, though. I think Busey's better.

Olliver said...

Does David Spade still do a 1980s MJF impression?

Eric said...

I like Michael Cera, but I don't know if I could see him skateboarding behind a truck or playing a solo at the dance.

I keep trying to think of someone who could do the scenes where Marty is flummoxed. Like when he says "Whoa. This is heavy" or "Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" You may have to bring MJF back to reprise the role, shakes and all.

Can you stunt cast a director? I am thinking Terry Gilliam for Zemeckis.

Cameron said...

What about Michael Cera as George McFly? He does seem to play awkward teenagers rather well.

Christopher Trottier said...

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joanna said...

you know that you guys are kind of making me want to see the room now, right? it's drawing me to it, with it's awful awful awfulness.

just wanted to let you know that if you choose erica over me for OAL, i will understand and still be a happy and fervent supporter of the show! even if i cry. just a little, for a few minutes. every day, for the rest of my life.

Jon said...

I absolutely LOVE Hirsute. It's in my top ten favorite short films.

Alvaro Salvagno said...

It was Koulechov, not Sergei Eiseinstein.

lol 1000 years too late.