Monday, May 26, 2008

Stop Podcasting Yourself - Episode 13

Darcy Michael joins the boys for a romp through WWF wrestling while the garbage accumulates in our Celebrity Crush Hat.

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Cynthia Nixon with indie rocker Ben Kweller her female fiancee
The gayest wrestlers
Ravishing Rick Rude's sex dance

Writer's block Sasquatch
Dr. Giggles
The garbage we found in our Celebrity Crush Hat
The Hello Kitty toaster that puts the logo on the toast
Hot Sundae
-Larry Drake, who played Dr. Giggles, was not on Picket Fences, but he was on L.A. Law.
-"All The Way With Stephanie Kaye" was Stephanie Kaye's slogan for class president. "Out of the way, Stephanie Kaye" was the protest slogan
-"I'm So Excited" was very much in Hot Sundae's repertoire.

Also, enjoy a different side of Lisa Loeb


Shelouise said...

I can´t believ Lisa Loeb-job didn´t come up last week...good restraint Dave.

Abby said...

everyone failed to mention that at those wrestling matches the ref was a "little person" who also got in the ring & smacked it down too. they also featured metal bands and burlesque.

Shelouise said...

re: the "f-bomb" on the 2hr finale of was first Snake and then Ciatlyn to Joey, "You were fucking Tessa Campinelli?"
p.s. "Do I LOOK like I wanan play volleyball?!"