Friday, May 16, 2008

Stop Podcasting Yourself - Episode 11

Comedian and roommate Sean Proudlove teaches us the ways of American cereal and the cartoons and hockey cards of the 1970's.

Download episode 11 here

Brought to you by:

The Fight Club house
Quest For Fire Rae Dawn Chong
The James Bond crotch laser

Marine Boy

Bruce Kulick
Marty Putz
Bruce Baum
1970's out of shape players hockey cards
Professional bowling cards
Cookie Crisp mascots
Big League Chew
La Messagère gluten-free beer
The vibraslap
Shumka pasta
Hawaii 5-0 chin
Mexican corn
-I never figured out who the glitter comedian was.
-Busey was born in Texas.
-The Mirthmobile had Red Rope licorice, not Red Vines
-And oh yeah, we do have a mom listener.


Shelouise said...

This is one of the grosser things captured on a Vancouver bus.
I saw a girl barf once. There was also a rocker dude in sweatpants who use to "free-ball-it" and while holding the handrail, swagger in the faces of seated young ladies. Great.
Really enjoyed the show!!
signed, a mom, dad and baby who are listening.

Abby said...

the glitter comedian must be Rip Taylor. check out his wigs!

Shelouise said...

The preferred nomenclature is "rugs" Abigail. Racist.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it confetti? I don't remember glitter.