Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stop Podcasting Yourself - Episode 12

Hollywood triple threat Jason Bryden joins us to compete in an allergy competition, talk about "that big blond from Designing Women," and blow the lid off two new segments.

Download episode 12 here

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Sports talk radioÉphémère beer
Copperhead Road

Peach basket basketball

Baby Dave emulating Huey Lewis while Jason eats a cookie.
The Fat Boys dissecting fetal pigs

Rodney Dangerfield/Harold Ramis
Blair Underwood as Russell Simmons as Mario Van Peebles as Wesley Snipes
The Whip
Gordon Ramsay
Smuggling Smarties
Excess Baggage
Jean Smart
-It was "exorbitant." Well played, Jason.


Shelouise said...

Magical chemistry. Best guest yet! And what´s the deal with Graham´s pen tattoos?

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