Friday, May 2, 2008

Stop Podcasting Yourself - Episode 9

Comedian/Dreamboat Ivan Decker joins the boys for some serious discussion about Jean-Claude Van Damme, Iron Man and Grand Theft Auto (y'know, nerd stuff), drop-kicking stools, and TV's Screech.

Download episode 9 here

Brought to you by:

The Oeuvre of painting dead people at bars

Graham's likeness
Downtown Ambassadors
Jean-Claude Van Damme's early acting workHere's a clip of JCVD as Gay Karate Man, and a remix of the footage of him in Breakin'.

Deep fried Mars bars
Untouchable Ale
Plastic Man
The Archie Movie
Screech's headshot
And here's an extra picture of Jean-Claude Van Damme pallin' around with Lorenzo Lamas.


Sheila said...

Thanks to Dave's lovely girlfriend Abby, who is her OWN person, we had the pleasure of listening to episode 8. The Dude enjoyed it so much he kept crankingt he stereo volume up and curling his toes when the cuckoo bleeper went. TUUUNAAAAAAAAA!
Your biggest fand in Stockholm.
ink, pink.....

Sheila said...

Graham...The Alliance of Guardian Angels?
(re: dudes with red berets)

nic said...

good podcast. the level of hilarity was acceptable.

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