Sunday, August 2, 2009

Episode 74 - LIVE, with Charlie Demers

Three-timer Charlie Demers joins us to talk Just For Laughs, fireworks, and we stuntcast Star Wars. Recorded live at The Biltmore Cabaret in East Vancouver.

Download episode 74 here. (right-click)

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Stuntcasting Star Wars


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Jack Zhang said...

I would have given my life to get to this, (seriously, I would've), and missing this is like missing a one in a trillion event you're never going to see again.

Hope everyone had a good time, I didn't and I won't banter about it here.

tigi said...

What was with all the stabbing references? Is that how you Canadians celebrate fireworks nights? Indiscriminate stabbings?

Dave said...

Yeah, thugs come in from the suburbs and stab people during the fireworks. Seriously.

luvrhino said...

To stuntcast Billy Dee Williams, i thought you were going to go with the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World guy.

Perhaps you're not inundated with that commercial campaign like we are in the US.

sestedd said...

Charlie is my favourite guest. He had some awesome, extremely quick, lines on this one.

Cam Dowling said...

I have an addendum to my Overheard about the "third hand" I forgot to add that evening:

About a year after that happened, a friend of mine brought up the incident at a party we were all at (including her), and everyone around laughed about it again... except when the laughing stopped, we looked over at her and heard her best friend explaining to her in a whisper " counts off seconds--which is why it's called the 'second hand.'" To which the original girl's eyes went wide and she said in a classic "Eureka moment" tone, "OHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Sadly, she was nineteen at the time.

Thanks for the Anne Heche autobiography--it's already served me quite, quite well.

Lauren said...

Post-facelift Kenny Rogers looks like he was born to play Obi-Wan.

Carlo said...

I'm a woman who loves this blog because you always put interesting things, but I saw the photo of this man above and I fell in love with him because I like tall men.