Monday, August 24, 2009

Episode 77 - Pat Kelly

Improviser/Comedian/Actor/et cetera Pat Kelly joins us to talk about shoveling snow, embarrassment, mustaches, and graffiti.

Download episode 77 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Coffey and Bourque


Wild Roses

Calgary Olympic theme song (this is amazing)

Foam rubber CN Tower

Who'll Stop The Rain

What 3rd base coaches do

Blue Jays retro unis

Mr. Fuji

Sponge toffee

Cape Fear

A Whole New World

Yoga pants

Pat Kelly's mustache phase

Jack Layton

The Emancipation of Mimi

Monte Cristo

KoL facial hair


U2's Blackberry ad

My D. hates S.

-"Who'll Stop The Rain" and "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" are different songs, both by CCR.
-The McConaughey civil rights movie was A Time To Kill.


sweetie pie press said...

i love pat kelly.

D said...

"That guy's eating shorts"
-Davidson P. Shumka

That.. Was... GLORIOUS!

sweetie pie press said...

i would also like the record to show that i made up a theme song for that segment when i was on the show and the boys cut it out. so maybe your theme song should just be making your guests invent dumb themes.

Dave said...


Shelouise said...

Pat Kelly was a sensational guest. he won me over with his awesome lady voices. Top drawer stuff Pat.

Karen said...

That epsiode was one of your best. I too love Pat Kelly, even though I didn't know of him until this episode. That's just how awesome he is, he inspires the bumpers to feel love.

ingsver said...

I invented a game similar to Pat's magnet game, but mine involved flicking pennies at two chairs placed in deifferent positions on either side of the room. I also pretended it was televised and did the announcer voices in my head.

Virginia C. said...

FYI, here in fair Seattle, it is in fact illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone, unless you have a hands-free headset. However, as I understand it, it's only a secondary offense. This means they can't pull you over for JUST talking and driving, but if they catch you for speeding or CLICK IT OR TICKET or some other awesome violation, you will SO get it for cell phone stuff too. I think.

Have a nice trip, sad I'll have to miss seeing you at Bumbershoot!

Manzeus said...

Great Poster of the Third Basement Coach!!!

bkb213 said...

I LOST it over the bike tire exploding & then Dave's situation of him just throwing the entire bike away! I am still cracking up from that. I think you two, Pat Kelly & Ryan Beil should come to Chicago to do a show. There won't be a dry seat in the house!

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