Monday, August 17, 2009

Episode 76 - Lachlan Patterson

Comedian Lachlan Patterson joins us to talk bumper stickers, camping, and idiot savants.

Download episode 76 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Not Lachlan


Celebrity chef, Lachlan Patterson


Roof goats

Who needs bumper stickers?

Anatolian shepherds

Zombie walkin'


Peter Stormare

Nathan Detroitin' it

The talented Andrew Bird

Those two gals


Teddy head


-According to Wikipedia, Savant refers to an expert or Savant Syndrome.


Anonymous said...

my box loved this episode.

Anonymous said...

Album Title
-Idea to Pass on to Lachlan Patterson:

"Please Rise for your National Anthem"

-Id like to hear him lecture some sound guy for disrespectfully fading out the anthem half way through it.
does sound guy resume the anthem?
...or does Lachlan Patterson just give sound-guy the what-for, and proceed to give us the listener some awkward silent goodness then eventually start his material?

Anonymous said...

Roof goats are my favorite type of goat(Al Johnson's in door county!). Keep up the good work gentlemen.

entste said...

I saw Lachlan feature for two different headliners in San Francisco. When I heard that he was from Vancouver I wondered if he would ever be a guest on this podcast. Today that question was answered.

Great episode!

Anonymous said...

The thing I love about those goats is they really know how to 'graze the roof'

Nate Harrison said...

Great episode!

I'm dying for a theme song for the "Graham liked The Lion King" segment! What are the chances that we could get a little somethin' somethin'? I unsolicitedly suggest that the theme song should start with a harp sound to evoke casting your thoughts back.

Shelouise said...

Your Uncle Magnus is proud of your fine pronunciation of "Stomare". "Excellent, good job Dave!" is what he said after he chuckled with delight.

josh said...

When I saw the pic of Peter Stormare at Japadog I thought to myself, "hey the nihilist!"

My box also loved this episode.

Jack Zhang said...

I just drew Lachlan's story about camping into a stick figure comic strip since it was just that funny...

Shelouise said...

Karl Hungus like Japadogs!

Jack Zhang said...

By the way, Dave, your encoding settings for this episode are spot on. Keep the settings you used to encode this episode for all future episodes (64kbps, 44100Khz).

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