Monday, July 27, 2009

Episode 73 - Becky Johnson

Crafter and improviser Becky Johnson joins us as we go crazy from the heat, get depressing, and talk about Square One.

Download episode 73 here. (right-click)

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How To Make An American Quilt

Chris Pronger

The Crow

Lord Stanley




Animaniacs song


Colin James

Ken Kesey

The Staircase



Dash Rip Rock

Bif Naked's bad attitude

Robin Black's bad attitude



Vincent D'Onofrio (and non-twitchy co-star)

Square One TV

Polkas On 45

Reign Over Me, the sad scooter wig movie


So hot

-The high 20's Celcius is the mid-80's Farenheit
-Tom Wolfe wrote The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
-150,000 inches is 2.37 miles
-It's Antonio Scarpacci
-Marilyn Manson was in Lost Highway


armornen said...

Marilyn Manson was in Lost Highway, but Graham was confusing his role with another character. If I remember correctly, he's just projected on a movie screen (in the movie) for two seconds.

Also: this guest was fun.

sweetie pie press said...

i am fun!

and i have a correction - when i opened up the georgia straight last night i discovered that perez hilton's casino appearance has been cancelled. i guess the benefit of my doubt was undeserved.

Anonymous said...

Watching the Baraka thing elicited in me uncontrollable awwws.

Sassy Fontaine said...

saw bif naked at whole foods recently. true story.

Brendan said...

"I gotta put on a tie so nobody knows I'm wasted."

Anonymous said...

"and I'll put it on my head so I don't seem uptight"...

No disrespect AT ALL to your other female guests, but in terms of listenability and general entertainment, Becky was my favourite female guest to date.

Good luck tonight, can't wait to hear the end result.


Dharma Mayonnaise said...

Another excellent episode, gang. I thought Graham was especially on fire.

Although steam punks and the whole craft community infighting at the beginning totally lost me, Becky was a great guest.

Anonymous said...

loooool this was a great episode

p.s. tie dye pics?

Sassy Fontaine said...

oh! the camera is in my purse! i'll be sure to get it to David so he can share the tie-dye love with all bumpers everywhere.

Lauren said...

Excellent episode! Where the tie-dye at?

Graham and Dave said...

The tie dye picture is up. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

no :-(

sweetie pie press said...

sorry for the delay, but here is my picture of graham and dave in their new tie dyed shirts.

Anonymous said...

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hcg said...

Oh wow, this got every one going - fascinating input mixed with a good read.