Monday, July 6, 2009

Episode 70 - Katie-Ellen Humphries

Comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries joins us to talk Community College ads, fluoride, and Denis Leary.

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Bartending College (not the right song, but still pretty great)

My Sister's Keeper

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Historic Barkerville

Shia LaBeouf Ben Savage then and now

Dos Equis

Never Forget

Oregon Trail

This guy's not so ugly.

Michael Johnson

Ford F-150 ads

Two words.


harpo said...

I think Sandra Bullock is attractive. I've never "gotten" why a lot people say that she's not attractive.

Dave said...

I don't find her unattractive. I just think women think she's more beautiful than men do. And this picture makes me uncomfortable:

Olliver said...

Meagan Fox is NOT attractive. She looks entirely plastic and dirty, and the dead-behind-the-eyes thing is right. She has the epitome of a "bitch face".

Now, as for Shia...I like the guy and I don't get all the hate. I think he's a pretty good actor that's been hindered by really shitty movies.

If you haven't seen it before, check out Battle of Shaker Heights. Yes, it's one of those Project Greenlight movies, and yes there have been better movies, but I think Shia does well in a more dramatic/comedic role.

I used to watch his show (Even Stevens), and for a kid in somewhat of a physical role, his potential really was obvious.

And thank you three all so much for calling it "pop".

tigi said...

1) That "Don't Get Me Started" segment made me laugh harder than when Dave coined the term "Ghostitute" a few weeks back. And just like then, I happened to be on break at work while I listened and startled people around me

2) Whether or not she's attractive, I think what's annoying about Megan Fox is that she does not have a verbal filter, e.g. talking about her "pie." I can't tell if it's really how she is or if it's practiced to make her seem cool. Either way, she sounds like a blithering idiot (this criticism comes from a girl who can't pass a day without saying "boner").

3) Thank you for shouting out to Anna. She will plotz. And when she comes back we will get drunk and drunk dial y'all.

-KT from MN

Eric said...

Megan Fox sucks. She's all hype. On the other hand, Katie-Ellen was a tremendous guest. Her bits about celebrity deaths were spot on.

Oregon Trail was great. Here is a link to where you can play it:

Is TSOYA advertising on SPY? If so, congrats. Rarely does the sponsor kick as much ass as the sponsoree (sponsee?).

hookworm said...

Yeah flouride is bad for you. Do some reading about it... sinister stuff. For real.

Brandon said...

Thank you Dave! That theory about Sandra Bullock is one I've had forever. Ever since my friend who is a girl (and her own person) became obsessed with her. Julia Roberts is a big one too. Two others that I noticed were Julia Stiles and the biggest Gwen Steffani. Women think Ms.Steffani is the incredibly attractive but every guy I've known think she's annoying at best.

Oh and about Megan Fox, I wouldn't put her in the same category. The reason is I know a lot of guy that think she's sexy, it's just they're all douche bags. Basically they like how filthy she is/seems cause they wanna get with her.

Blanket said...

I'm having a really hard time picturing Dave cry/well up, let alone three times in 90 minutes (or however long 'Up' is). And I wonder if he made sarcastic remarks about himself while it was happening.

Can we get a picture of you sobbing on the blog, Dave?

Excellent guest this week. I was trying to figure out what sort of accent Katie-Ellen has. It sort of sounded like if Poochy the (rockin') Dog was a female from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. In a good way, though, it was charming.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Juno as this week's guest!

Dave said...

See, that's the kind of good-natured ribbing everyone can enjoy.

Sildenafil Citrate said...

It so perfect but I'm surprised because I heard the women in the photo above have a relationship, I wanna know if that's true.

forgery said...

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