Monday, June 29, 2009

Episode 69 - Devon Lougheed

Podcaster, comedian, writer Devon Lougheed joins us to talk MJ, drunk dialing, and being age inappropriate.

Download episode 69 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Disaster Movie


Sex Wax

Punch Out

Brantford, Ontario

Danny McBride


Captain EO

This Used To Be My etc.

Wreck Beach, presumably what it's like everyday

"We ain't your next door family"

Moka Only always brings it home

Dunder Mifflinnin'

The Expendables


Blow up like the World Trade

The Secret D. Of Adrian M.

It's gonna get to your heart...

-Saved by the Bell: The College Years didn't take place at UCal; it took place at CalU.


Fundle said...

That guy was definitely trying very hard.

Dave said...

We could all try a little harder.

Anonymous said...

Hoping Dave's TV bit gets taped to youtube :-)

wonk said...

it says alot about the show that an episode can still be funny even when the guest isn't.

Dave said...

Hey, making fun of the Exploding Sandwich is my thing.

hex said...

Huh. Well, I thought the guest was very funny in a subtle, intelligent way. (I guess some people don't get that.)

d lougheed said...

why did i think checking out these comments would make me happy?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

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