Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Episode 68 - Kailtin Fontana

Improvisor/Sketch Performer/Writer Kaitlin Fontana joins us to talk ghosts, Star Trek conventions, and apathetic audiences.

Download episode 68 here. (right-click)

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The theatricality of Of Montreal

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Gimme Chamma Chamma Chire

Ye Olde Tyme Exercyse


Olliver said...

The spit thing you mentioned is known as the Snicker Snag.

Other favorite classic bully torture techniques are the Pink Belly and the Awful Waffle

Penis 2010 said...

Glad you like my work

Dave said...

Oh no, a criminal.

Anonymous said...

the michael cera was done by my friend benjamin. i burst out laughing(in public) when you mentioned it on the podcast. here are his photos:


Josh said...

Penis, do you have mascots?

hat said...

mondays are way more depressing without a new SPY episode...
where's it at fellas?

Dave said...

Sorry, about 15 minutes away.

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