Sunday, May 31, 2009

Episode 65 - Paul Breau

Comedian Paul Breau joins us to talk dog attacks, mayonnaise, and our fractured understanding of the camera obscura.

Download episode 65 here. (right-click)

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Sit on it!

To be clear, that was then, this is now

I don't know what this is
This is what this show looks like


The graphics are in front of her face!


Bait and switch

The Dutch Masters


Ass logos. Go Tigers!

The real spelling

The sweet science

The hotties at American Apparel

Fonzworth Bentley

Red-Headed Sypowicz

Sheila's neighbourhood characters

Bedlinton Terrier


Anonymous said...

link doesnt work

Dave said...

Just worked for me.
Sentence fragment.

Anonymous said...

"god knows what precipitated that"

(its funny because he should have said preceded, since there was no rain involved in that overheard)

Graham and Dave said...

That last post was a joke, right?

Anonymous said...

i'm a post.

Chantal said...

shmammered is gonna catch on. just you wait.

I got a who's that guy, her name is "the Parade"because she is a singin bag-lady with a decorated cart float. you hear her comin a block away and announce "oh here comes the parade!"

in Edmonton we had the "Got-a-Quarter-Lady." She had a she-beard and was very specific about the change that she was requesting of you. "Gawdaa-kwadah?"

Alexandra said...

Hey! I do not have an accent! Let alone a funny one! Quit making fun of my dead dumpster grandpa.

Super Glue is evil. I glued my chin to my chest the other day.

Alexandra said...

And by the way.

Graham = kill.
Dave = marry.
Paul = fuck.

And the only reason I'm not killing Dave is because I totally want to consider Grandpa a part of my family.

notHamilton said...

The best contribution to this blog so fare: "Sheila's neighbourhood characters"

Love the accompaniment blog, but can't help but scroll ahead for a preview.

Anonymous said...

I like the big girls with "alphabet ass" because so many letters can fit on the back of their shorts