Saturday, May 23, 2009

Episode 64

This week we go without a guest and pass the savings on to you. We talk summer blockbusters, what makes Dave tick, and learn about your neighbourhood characters.

Download episode 64 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Our House

Party-crashin' with Heidi

Books that need not exist


What a Girl Wants

The real-life Chip and Pepper: the love children of Ellen Degeneres and Steven Cojocaru

Country Hootie

What's the opposite of a power couple?

The dashingest mentalist

I will definitely see G.I. Joe

The Takening

Channing T


How I Met Your Mother

Queen Vic

Obie Trice

Might As Well...

The actor couple

S-S Volley-B


Frizz Ease

Bra Strap Bonanza

Mike MacDonald


-Channing Tatum stars in the Step-Up movies and, *get this* according to IMDB, he's starring in a 2010 movie called Parkour. The Fighting of parkour movies.


Olliver said...

Hey, it was Craxworth!

Abby´s Aunt Sheila said...

I think it's nice to have a podcast sans guest every now and then. Time to feel the magic. Thx for including my call.
Here´s a sample of a typical graduation parade in Stockholm

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Overheard by Patio, one of the all time best for sure. Please get someone else working on that website, also.

Anonymous said...

Hey S.P.Y.,
I hate to correct, but I thought it may relate. Nickelback is from Alberta. I think, well who really cares anyways. Love the podcast.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys like to have a guest but I thought this episode was super funny. I listen to a lot of podcasts but when I come to work on Monday morning this is the first one I listen to. Keep it up!

Sassy Fontaine said...

about the tshirts starting to have designs in them - it was believed to have been started by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth in the 60s. he's the creator of Rat Fink, Mr Gasser & the Weirdos. it was very counter-culture-y at the time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was surprised you jumped to claim Nickelback as yours. I believe they hail from the lovely Alberta town of Hanna. But you can have them if you want them!

utahutes86 said...

There's also a Michael MacDonald that was an actor on MadTV:

Dave said...

I'm pretty sure that guy from MadTV's name is "That Guy From MadTV."

Olliver said...

Ah yes, everyone loves the hilarious Canadian comedic duo of Mike MacDonald and Ken Loggins

sew_crafty_girl said...

I helped process the septic system application for Chad Kroeger's house in Abbotsford. What a brush with fame, w00t!

hcg said...

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