Monday, May 11, 2009

Episode 62 - Cam MacLeod

Sketch comedian Cam MacLeod joins us to give nicknames to our neighbourhood characters, talk about being handcuffed, and more prom-talk.

Download episode 62 here. (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Cam's Festiva

Vancouver's cherry blossoms

Jimmy Fallon's band

Pure Luck

Face Off

In defence of dramatic screaming

Bonnie Hunt

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

GaGa's Love Game

Amazing Larry

Avoid The Noid

Dilly Bars

Show Your Work

-The poker player in Wolverine is Daniel Negreanu
-The line was "Yeah, ain't it cool?" and it's from Broken Arrow


Abby´s Aunt Sheila said...
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Abby´s Aunt Sheila said...

My business proposal to you: I have visions of arena concession stands where the staff wear black curly wigs and top hats and work, shirtless, in a sunken level area. They lower the cash and raise up the hotdogs and sodapop on a dumb-waiter by pulling a chain. The stands go by the name of "Slash´s Snack Pit".

McBain said...

Looks like Graham might get that 4th place finish he was looking for... Congratulations are in order I suppose.

Karen said...

So judging by McBain's post, did Graham really come in 4th? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Cam is hands-down the biggest ass you've had as a guest, and it seems pretty clear that he knows it.
And the Amazing Larry gag has a set-up in the deleted scenes on the dvd. He's the magic shop owner too, so it's not like he comes out of nowhere. Come on.

Dave said...

Thanks Anonymous, but we've definitely had bigger asses.

Dave said...

And yes, Graham really came in 4th.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious episode. Graham: safe grad is drinks + parental supervision while dry grad is the one w/o drinks. Unofficially it's kind of a graduation party for religious folks - clergy, pop, trampolines, etc.

Abby´s Aunt Sheila said...

Congratulations Graham!!! No one really remembers who came in 2nd and coming in 1st would have been a drag. The podcast would have suffered, ergo the world would suffer.

Anonymous said...

Re: nicknames for neighborhood characters, our ancient mean ol' man neighbor (who had never said two words to me up until this moment) came up to yell at me because he didn't like my snowshoveling techniques. When I told him he needed to take up a hobby, he told me, very indignantly, that he was a university professor. So now my husband calls him Professor Snow.

Abby´s Aunt Sheila said...

Professor Snow, excellent. May I suggest "The snow blower"? If you follow me....

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