Monday, September 1, 2008

Episode 27 - Dylan Rhymer

Soon-to-be-former-Vancouver comedian Dylan Rhymer stops by to talk capes, Canadian talk shows, and Arsenio Hall. We read some mail, and Ottawa correspondent Brad MacNeil counts down his favourite episodes.

Download episode 27 here (right-click)

Brought to you by:

George Burns

Gwen and Gavin's new baby


Mining Industry TV

Harry Houdini

Bad Cape/Good Cape

Ambiguous capes


Baby Superman

Top Secret

Dave Tsonos

Graham's new eyebrows

Toronto F.C.

The Bermuda Triangle


Mayor Sam Sullivan

This Is How We Do It

Canadian talk shows

Bruno Gerusi
Denis Simpson

James Barber

Ellen Degeneres's pet food

Bill Nye's intro


Midnight Special

Ashlee Simpson for Zeller's

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Time Magazine?

-It's Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale
-"Crimson and Clover" is by Tommy James and the Shondells


Olliver said...

Tasty bit o'trivia:

The word "nerd" was first coined by Dr. Seuss as the name of one of his creatures.

The more you know.

Graham and Dave said...

Oh olliver, you are our most steadfast and true commenter. Keep it up.

Olliver said...

Translation: Way too much time on my hands.

Jon said...

Hey Olliver, I think I just heard that on a gameshow being hosted by 80s sitcom fixture, Alfonso Ribiero. Is there nothing Carlton cannot teach us?

Shelouise said...

re: caps...pretty sure Gary Glitter´s cape is pretty effed up shiz.

eebee said...

I seemed to remember that the punch in the gut delivered to Houdini by a Canadian student, was not really what killed him.

According to the Houdini Historical Center of Appleton, Wisconsin, the famous magician, author, psychic debunker, aviator, and movie star died on Halloween Day, 1926, in Detroit, Michigan. The official cause of death was peritonitis caused by appendicitis.

Another misconception has it that Houdini's death resulted from a blow to the stomach:

Houdini was known for his tremendous physical condition, and could withstand blows to the abdomen by tensing his muscles. While performing in Canada, however, he was challenged by a student who didn't give him time to prepare for the punch. Whether or not the blow ruptured his appendix, it did not cause his appendicitis, which is a bacterial infection.

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