Sunday, September 7, 2008

Episode 28 - David Milchard

We welcome comedy multi-tasker David Milchard for some Britpop talk, a round of Celebrity Odds, and a couple classic rock twisted tunes.

Download episode 28 here (right-click)

Cloud City
Tinfest '99

Medieval Times

We Will Rock You

Imperial Walkers


Get the London look


Thank You For Being a Friend

Thug Life


New Years Eve glasses

The new 90210 opening

Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Lumberjack games

Legendary equestrian, Big Ben (deceased)

Usain Bolt

Mistress for Christmas

-"Thank You For Being a Friend" reached #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978.
-Canada got 3 gold medals in these most recent Olympic games.


Olliver said...

Did Graham recently watch a show about the catacombs, Because he used the term "catacombs" in two separate contexts.

Palin's pregnant daughter + The Who = Teenage Wasteband

Cock fight ring + AC/DC = It's a Hard Fight For the Cock (If You're Busted By the Pol')

dave said...

We also completely missed out on saying Swimkata.

nic said...

getting charlie back for another episode is a swell idea. his episode was fantastical.

Eric Moody said...

Swimkata would have made me poop my pants with laughter.

Great episode this week. It seemed really loose compared to most of the other shows. There was a lot more off-topic/non-segment stuff. I can't decide if like that style or the more structured style or a combination of the two.

Anonymous said...

I know you guys are both comedians and you often have comedians for guests. Have you ever thought of doing a comedy podcast?

The Laugh Gallery said...

Were we just zinged there?

Jon said...

I think that was either a zing, or more likely a burn.

Olliver said...

It might possibly have been a face.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of my education, (
will you please illumiante your feelings towards The Tragically Hip, thank you.

Graham and Dave said...

My feelings toward the Hip are that they are amongst a few things that feel like they belong to Canada exclusively. I didn't know many people who didn't like them in my youth. They also play a hockey game against the local team in every town they tour through, which seems cool. I can't speak for Dave...

dave said...

I never liked the Tragically Hip because they were on the radio and TV all the time despite not being particularly good or remarkable. I also didn't know many people who didn't like them in my youth, but I always assumed those people were pretending to like them just to make me angry.

Looking back, they were just extremely overrated.

Olliver said...

Then Dave, I guess you could say that they were hip, but tragically so.

Brandon Burkhart said...

Here is "Swimkata, Episode 1: Enter the Speedo" --