Monday, August 25, 2008

Episode 26 - Dan Clark

Graham's brother Dan stops by to tell embarrassing bathtub stories from Graham's youth. Not really, but recap Kid Rock's Olympic-sized Summer '08.

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Brought to you by:

Bullet Time

Live's "Dolphin's Cry"

Bush's "The Chemicals Between Us"

The Jurassic Park theme

The soft indie of Hayden

The song of the summer?

The song of 9 summers ago

Slap bracelets
Our Hockey Night in Canada theme

That guy from Breaker High

The Monkees

Hal Jordan/Joanne MacLeod


Family Wax

Ref kickin'

Synchronized bathing
Ye olde ande newe bathinge costumes

Anchor Steam beer



Skunk stripin'

The 33-year-old German gymnast

Cotton monster


Olliver said...

Hey, guys. Good show again this week. Dan's first Overheard was genius.

Wait. The guy from Breaker High that you were talking about is Tyler Labine? He's on Reaper, which is a great show. He's very funny on there.

As for full soundtrack people, Badly Drawn Boy did the soundtrack for About a Boy (aka Nick Hornby Book Turned Into Hugh Grant Vehicle) and Eddie Vedder did one for Into the Wild (aka Emo Rich White Kid Does Dumb Thing and Dies).

As for Canadian stuff, I get most of it (from Ohio, which is not entirely made of corn and cows). I loved to watch Red Green, which they played on PBS for as long as I can remember. And that Len song (that is to say, THE Len song) was just as prominent over here.

And that smock joke Dave did was positively Matt Belknapien.

There are some other responses, but I'll have to get back to you on them. I know you'll be standing by the proverbial phone.

Olliver said...

Oh, I just remembered one. You were wondering why movies go overseas when they fail in North America.

Well, that's because they make all their real money overseas. Take, for example, the box office bomb Waterworld. It failed HARD in North America. Most people think it is the poster child for failed movies.

But oh contrayer, manfrayer. The movie actually did quite well overseas. Quoth (Dave corrected Graham and said .org, but .com redirects and thus is perfectly acceptable), "However the movie actually made a little more than $100 million revenue with worldwide sales. With a budget of $175 million, the film grossed $88 million at the U.S. box office, which made it appear to be the all time box office bomb. But it topped its budget once overseas take was taken into account (grossing $176 million in foreign markets)."

As for Meet Dave, you can't shit on it too much. For one, the screenplay was co-written by Bill Corbett, of MST3K, Film Crew, and Rifftrax fame (my personal favorite riffer). On the bad side of things, it was written as a goofy kids movie, which is fine, but it was re-written by a bunch of script "doctors", and Corbett had no real control. And like I said, it was supposed to be a movie for kids, but they never advertised it as such and they probably tried to turn it into NOT a kids movie. So the studio and distributors pretty much fucked it over from the start.

Dan said...

They did the Pentathlon this year, they just didn't televise it! Jerks!

reid said...

Dudes! As you may have figured in your Hayden photo search, he is TOTALLY still... together?... making music. And put out an album this year, which was exciting, but a bit of a let down. I got to see him for the first time this year, which was fucking awesome after having listened to him for many a'year.

And yes, I came here via JJGo. And 'Steal My Sunshine' was all the fuck over during my freshman year of college.

Mega Dittos.

<---- said...

dave: why didn't you mention that you actually played a show in a church too? supressed?

Shelley Desautels said...

Too funny, finally listened to this one because Tyler Labine (Jimmy - Breaker High) is my Brother in Law. The wedding that is mentioned in the podcast where Ty was the MC for was in fact, my wedding - which was NOT the same wedding that got interrupted by a country song on the first dance. Just had to add some clarification in there ;) and yes, Patrick did go up to him at our wedding......