Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Episode 25 - Kyle Bottom

Comedian Kyle Bottom pops in to talk Joe Rogan, Sha-poopies, and late night chat lines. Also, we stunt-cast Three's Company.

Download episode 25 here (right-click)

Brought to you by:

Fear Factor
Rogan and Lovitz

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place (starring Traylor Howard)

Comedy at Club 54
The cool kids from the Rogers ads

Bobby's World
The Sha-Poopie

Vern Fonk's Sha-Poopie

Dave's pizzas
Camel cigarettes


Late night chat line filth (I could find the impressionist)

Graham's ankle socks

Whatever this is

Three's Company stuntcasting
A reminder of who Guy Earle is, because this won't be relevant for long... oh, it's irrelevant already.

Carlos Mencia

"Is this Greg Norman?"

Muchmusic's Rachel Perry

Kyle's crush hat, age 20

Anne Heche (not Traylor Howard)

The Hey Dave Inside Dave Meet Dave Car

-Just to clarify, Dave doesn't think Drew Barrymore is a dude.


Olliver said...

Nice choice with Rachel Perry, there, Dave.

There was this chat line commercial called Live Links that I used to like because it actually featured a beautiful woman. Usually they're just plastic blondes. But this lady was a pretty brunette with a lovely smile.

When Lost came out, I thought Evangeline Lilly reminded me a lot of that girl.


When I realized that, I just got this feeling like, "Wow. I totally called it."

And by "it" I mean her being more than some ad skank and my attraction to her having been validated by the world.

Oh, also I have some Bobby's World pogs from Cookie Crisp. That's what's called pop culture nostalgia synergy.

Matthew said...

I'm not sure if you guys got this or not, but the point of the joke your neighbor told about Camel cigarettes that men tried having sex with camels, but ended up preferring women. My father (extremely out of character) told me that joke. If your joke was to miss the point of the joke, I apologize, you comedians can be so damn complex sometimes.

Keep up the good work! Oh, and where does Vern Fonk operate? I was convinced he was only in Washington State.

dave said...

Yeah, we had those Evangeline Lilly commercials here. She's given hope to a whole generation of slutty-looking actresses.

That Camel cigarette explanation makes a lot of sense; that old guy in my neighbourhood is always telling off-colour jokes.

And I think Vern Fonk is just in Washington, but we get Seattle network affiliates in Vancouver... your KIRO's, KOMO's, KING's, KSTW's. No KONG 6/16, though, whatever that is.

tim said...

You guys missed the obvious choice to play Chrissy in the Three's Company film: Jessica Simpson.

But, Roberto Benigni as Furley is priceless.

Blogger said...

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