Sunday, April 19, 2009

Episode 59 - Nicole Passmore

Improvisor and sketch machine Nicole Passmore joins us to talk Ghostbusters 2, failed firsts, and we stuntcast Golden Girls (a real challenge).

Download episode 59 here. (right-click)

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Clementine... Buckaroo... Solange.
The new Cheech and Chong

That Bobby Brown rap

Jimmy Carter

Jack Layton

Justin Trudeau

Oh, the humanity

Harry Knowles (with Harry Reems)

The Furniture Idea

The Sedin Twins

Fast and Furious

Polly Pocket

Bruce Willis

Jonathan Brandis

The Dolphins Cry



Stuntcasting The Golden Girls

Also, what about this?


Tommy said...

So, how did they do?

Valerie said...

This time you made me look like a psycho laughing in the middle the Green Beanery. There aren't enough psychos there anyway, so we all contributed something, I think.

While Jeffery Tambor was probably on The Golden Girls at some point, Stan was played by Herb Edelman, and there's a very freakish reason why I know that.

In the '70's when I was a little kid, I was fascinated with this live-action Saturday morning show on NBC called "Big John Little John", where Edelman was this regular harried grown-up guy who, for magical reasons I don't remember, would sometimes suddenly and unintentionally (and inconveniently!) turn into a young boy - played by legendary child actor Robbie Rist. Comedy would then ensue. It maybe lasted two seasons. So this Edelman guy stuck in my head for the remainder of his very prolific tv and movie career.

I'm so close to thanking you for reminding me, but I'm not quite there. Love ya anyway.

Sassy Fontaine said...

i haven't even listened to the ep yet but kudos on the GG photoshop.

Sara said...

Jonathan Brandis died?! How did I not know this before? Maybe I was just in denial.

J-Bos! said...

What about the mom from everybody loves Raymond as one of the GG's?

Ralph said...

Graham was going on about the graffiti where somebody "edits" existing signs. My personal favorite is the table in the bathroom that is almost invariably updated to be a "Baby hanging Station" In fact, this is so prevalent that our local Target store now has Diaper Changing Stations instead. Of course, that could also be because the population is aging...

Paul said...

Re-cast Bea Arthur real quick before the next podcast.

Anonymous said...

too soon.

Guy MacPherson said...

Yeah, we need an update on how the high schoolers did. Tie for first?

Shelouise said...

Dave channels Kevin Costner in "Madonna's Truth or dare" with "oh neat!"

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