Sunday, April 5, 2009

Episode 57 - Dan Werb

Dan Werb of Woodhands returns to talk SXSW, movie soundtracks, and crack.

Download episode 57 here (right-click).

Brought to you by:




Von Bondies

Von Bondies, the game

It's Blitz!


Scrappy Doo

Michael Winslow


So talented

Roc Live

Billy Idol (on the far right)

Sports Day

Super Socco

Juno champs

Theory of a Deadman/Default

Fat Lip

Good vibration/Sweet sensation

Sweat factory

Menendez dating service

The first baby genius ad


-The slime was under the building.


Anonymous said...

I tend to read the recap blog ahead of the first listen-thru, and your correction counts as an overheard-read. Hooray for lost context.

Also, I'm coming home to Spokane soon - maybe I can find a way to get your beverages across the border when I'm in the city.


Bumper W

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to hearing this episode ! Dan has an infectious laugh...AND I hope to see the band at The Phoenix soon!


Adam Koford said...

That's the best correction ever.

J-Bos! said...

If you ever do a "Greatest Hits" clip show, I nominate that Overheard segment.

Anonymous said...

Superb! show, guys.

N.B.: Dave and Dan did not explain what Roc Live was at all. So, Graham is off the hook for allegedly tuning out.

Love the Graham noises tacked on at the end too.


Ralph said...

"You stupid whore - that's a dream"

Stop sending in your nominations, we have an All Time Winner for Best Overheard Evah!!!!

I nearly blew Dunkin Donuts coffee all over my computer screen; luckily for you I don't have to invoice you for a new one.

Valerie said...

For some reason, the thing that bothers me even more than the baby with glasses and a sweater vest remembering a romantic Italian holiday with an adult woman is the fact he says he remembers his time in "Roma," yet in one shot, he's clearly in "Venice."

And I blame Stewie Griffin. But even he would know one fucking Italian city from another.

Love ya!

Suzie said...

i jut listened to this, drew plenty of stares doing the public 'trying not to laugh but spittle is still finding its way out and eyes scrunched shut' face at Werb's Hawking story and then i get to work and find out he's gravely ill and feel terrible now.

thanks for that.


Shelouise said...

I laughed like a retard.
Well done lads.

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