Monday, March 22, 2010

Episode 106 - Nicole Passmore

Nicole Passmore returns to talk kissing, creeps, and Ke$ha.

Download episode 106 here.

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Spooky Smooches

Davy Jones

Rich kids

Sexy Russian teens

Jesse James' class-act mistress

Close Encounters


Larry David on Hannah Montana



Kraft cheese powder

Jump to Conclusions guy

In Your Eyes


She Hates Me

He Hate Me

She Hate Me

-Dave Johnson is the "down the stretch they come" guy.

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bkb213 said...

Thanks so much for reading my Denny Dolan overheard! I'll show the picture of the 'Jump to Conclusions' guy to my dad's friend to see if that's what he looked like. Also, CSI:NY did a roller derby episode and the gal that got killed went by the derby name of 'She Hate Me.' Love the show! Bring Pat Kelly back!