Saturday, November 15, 2008

Episode 38 - Emmett Hall

Musician/animator/cartoonist Emmett Hall joins us to talk armored men and unlikely pranks. We also unveil two new segment songs, stuntcast Star Trek - The Next Generation, and get everybody's name wrong.

Download episode 38 here. (right-click)

Emmett's online comic, Starbun, can be found here.

Brought to you by:

Lyndon Byers

Sliding Doors


Of course this exists

Sleepytime Tea

Mr. Holland's Opus




TV's Wilson

Apocalypse Now: Redux

Hollywood's Stifler


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Koala Springs

That Blu Cantrell song
(click it or ticket)

Cary Elwes

Armstrong Cheese


That line from Bringing Down the House

Stuntcasting Star Trek - The Next Generation

Celebrity blogger, Wil Wheaton

Michael White and the White

Paul Pfeiffer

That fat Canadian one

The bearded guy from Daily Planet



Olliver said...

Wil Wheaton is also an author and living god of the geek community. All the nerd ladies have the hots for him. Ask any random one of them.

Sassy Fontaine said...

i always thought he was a wiener.

MMD said...

synesthesia is actually pretty messed up. Some people taste colours or words etc so their always hungry. Or worse certain stimuli makes them smell/ taste/ hear bad things (usually in an arbitrary fashion).

emily said...

i have to say it.
richard karn of home improvement should have played riker.

Olliver said...

I dunno. If I could say "spaghetti" and taste spaghetti bolognese, I would spend my day doing nothing but shouting "spaghetti" and constantly tasterbating.

I tell ya, it'd give a whole new meaning to the phrase "mouthing off".

Emmett said...

Hey Fellow Bumpers!
Gave the podcast a listening to...and I want to apologize for the lack of articulation on my part. Boy, do I slur some sentences together! I can't even blame the beer. It's really just my own lazy self. And that couch of Dave's. I'm sure if you checked between the cushions you'd find the properly pronounced consonants.
Still...$1100 well spended.
To see where the magic happens. Pretty much can't price check that.

dave said...

Emmett, I won't stand here and listen while you second guess yourself. Where's your new found sense of superiority? Besides, I edited out most of the consonants for time.

bostizzle said...

I'm sure it doesn't work like this but I wonder if people with synesthesia have jerk friends who say things like "shit" or "fat man's taint" all the time to them.

Actually, I'd like to nominate that for the Pranks segment: Saying inappropriate things to people with synesthesia.

Olliver said...

Emmett, given the circumstances, consider slurred words your own special blend of herbs and spices.

Eric said...

I enjoyed your appearance Emmett. Don't overanalyze yourself.

Anthony said...

Emmett, you could have conducted the entire podcast with a mouth full of marbles and you would still be in the clear based on the awesome jingle alone.

Once again the awesomeness of this show has made me look like a fool on the subway. I was packed in a train during morning rush hour with people right in my face and I kept trying to hold in laughter so I wouldn't be laughing in people's faces, but when it got to "inter-galafrican" I lost it and did some weird half cough half laugh in some guys face and he didn't seem amused.

I also converted two friends to bumpers this week. That sounds oddly sexual.

Olliver said...

How did the reverse circumcision go?

That's how you do it, right? Reverse circumcision?

dave said...

Reverse circumcision? Is that the process of converting your friends into bumpers or a side-effect of synesthesia? Seriously, is that what it is?

Olliver said...

Hey, it's your show, I don't write the lore.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, now. Where am I sending the ale, gentlemen?

-Bumper W

dave said...

Email us at stoppodcastingyourself[at] and we'll give you an address.
Fondest regards,

Emmett said...

Oh hohohohhh!
Is that ales what I think it is?
And to think I made jocular slurs in regards to such sponsorships.
Oh...and thanks for all the support, bumpers and Dave. However, I still feel my mouth needs some exercise. Wit stings sharper when the point is well formed. I mean I wish I did the talking with better tung shapes.

Anonymous said...

I totally just realized Jean-Luc Picard was a born and raised in france with a french name but had a british accent, how did i miss that?!